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Shuyan Saga™ - 7/19/19 - $3.49


Today’s deal is Shuyan Saga™!





If you think about it, comic books are like video gaming’s slightly more respected older brother. They both started as the devil in the eyes of our overly protective elders, had a bizarre second age as the frowned-upon diversion of anti-social nerds, and then finally gained mainstream fame thanks to huge companies throwing disgusting amount of money at them and making them cool for all. If the kingdom of the nerds is Rome, comics are Remus and games are Romulus.

Now, if you know your history, you know that Romulus killed Remus and took over, and if you’re wondering why we’ve chosen this analogy even though we really like both things, it’s because comics can only be read, while games are interactive, and if audiences are anything, they’re fickle. So let’s move from Ancient Rome to China, and see if we can’t settle it before it’s done with a little treasure called Shuyan Saga, which is a beautiful choose-your-own-adventure comic book where you play out all the fight scenes yourself.

And when we say comics, we mean it. It’s got art from legendary comic artist Daxiong, it’s got voice acting from legendary Lana Kristin Kreuk, #smallvillerepresent, and the story plays out over 1400 fully illustrated panels, which for once, not only come to life in your brain, but also through the motion-captured movements of a man called Longfei Yang, a Shifu of the Shanxi Praying Mantis Style. So games, meet comics. Comics, meet games. And gamers, meet Shuyan Saga, which you can buy today for about the same as an issue of DCeased, where like many of its zombified superheroes, it’s a no-brainer.

The official trailer for Shuyan Saga™:

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I’ve wondered if Kristin Kreuk was involved in NXIVM, as Allison Mack was involved, also of Smallville fame. I’ve read this article alleging Kristin was involved.


It’s a beautiful game and that’'s a sweet price. Already own it and no other Chronies I know have it on their Wishlist. Even out of curiosity, it’s well worth snagging though. ^^


Very interesting game. The gameplay definitely reminds me of a mobile game, but the music says otherwise.