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Shoppe Keep Pack - 9/30/19 - $4.99


Today’s deal is the Shoppe Keep Pack!

NOTE: Purchase includes two keys, one for Shoppe Keep and one for Shoppe Keep 2!






As a customer it is my prerogative to have a personal preference of a specialized restaurant. I did not say your lack of elvish chefs detracted from food quality, only the ambience. For me personally, if I order an Elvish stew I don’t want humans making it and playing human music throughout the restaurant. It detracts from the theme. Take it with a grain of salt rather than be butthurt about it.”

“Five stars for the selection of useful adventurer gear, gotta dock two stars because my thief friend Manyfingers got murdered here for stealing. So yeah, sorry guys, even if Manyfingers deserved it, it’s only gonna be three stars from me today.”

“Took a first date here because I really wanted it to be the last date. Unfortunately, the food was delicious, it tasted fresh, the service was impeccable, and the gear we bought was incredible! They weren’t even rude to my date, which I was totally banking on.

Now I’m trapped in a dungeon with my scary Orc girlfriend and she won’t let me out til I propose to her. One star.”

The official trailer for Shoppe Keep 2:

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