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SHENZHEN I/O - 3/25/19 - $5.99


Today’s deal is SHENZEN I/O!




Man, do you remember like, back in the early 2000’s when there was actually a social stigma to “still” playing video games in high school? Do you remember being a nerd/outcast for even HAVING any type of video game on campus? At the time, even the most ubiquitous games were like a social badge of shame a “normal non-gamer person” had to get past to like someone, like finding action figures in someone’s bedroom on a blind date! It used to be some people would even roast you for having a PICTURE of Mario on your clothes!

And look, we realize this attitude hasn’t completely vanished from the Earth, otherwise there wouldn’t still be viral articles going around every time a sexy celebrity “comes out” as a gamer, but if you’re sitting out here catching crap for enjoying video games in 2019, remember that today on Chrono we’re selling a popular and successful puzzle game for people who enjoy reading technical manuals, writing code, and building circuits for fun. We’re not experts on the matter, but there probably ain’t too many kiddies out there with the skill to even PRETEND to be an embedded systems engineer, much less choose a video game about it over one with, say, swords and dragons.

And we’re not saying kids SHOULDN’T be into that type of thing, that would make us no better than our high school bullies, but at the very least, let’s just mark how far we’ve all come, and how many of us play games at school every day, and how we line up with our parents and coworkers now to watch a $200 million dollar movie about an obscure comic book character, and realize wow, it IS normal to have these interests, and there IS a game out there for six bucks that lets you play at being an embedded systems engineer, and it’s called SHENZEN I/O, and you should buy it now to prove that games are for everyone and not just babies.

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