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Share some Screenshots of your Gaming Moments



obviously an anti-vaxxer that began this whole mess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Time to do some damage!


possibly a doctor


We all know a clown carrying red balloons is to blame.

C’mon people read you bibles.



Well the funny thing is that the developer added in anti vaxxers per community request. I have yet to encounter them yet, but I’ve only played a single game. In which I utilized my crappy tactic of silent then deadly.


Street art from The Division 2.


What is it? looks great!


Assuming you are referencing what you replied to. Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. Available on GameCube and WiiU.


ty 4 the wallpapers


Yeah. That’s what I meant. Ty so much :slight_smile:


That one is the HD remake, so, you’re looking at the Wii U version. But the game is fun nonetheless :stuck_out_tongue:


mansion village work in progess


Monster Hunter: World, featuring my man Geralt of Rivia. :slight_smile:


I didn’t know I’d get to PLAY as Geralt! xD

There was a part while roaming where Geralt reflects that maybe Ciri was right about world hopping being nice. It was so nice just being back in his head and hearing that. -sobs- I need another game so bad.

*Yes, the Leshen was tough! lol

They did Witcher very faithfully, and I love that so much!


Probably my best game so far -




I think I won 100% orange juice! …eventually?


Thought id finally contribite to this thread with a cineamatic photo of Clone Drone In The Danger Zone


How do you like it? I have been sort of watching the game but still not quite sure what to think of it.


It’s a pretty good game, although not one you’ll soak a lot of time in(it depends on how you define “a lot” I’ve put 44 hours in and plan on putting in more”). There is a story mode (which is isn’t finished yet waiting for chapter 6 to come out) but the story’s is not the best, I only really play it cause it has different levels from the reappearing levels in endless mode.

So your gonna spend most of your time in endless mode which is in my opinion a little easy, and I usually only lose cause I get bored.

But the best part of the game is the challenges, like kick only bow only etc. I Usually just play these over and over again to get good at a certain thing and that’s where I have the most fun.

But while some are better then others all the modes are pretty good just because the combat is really fun and challenging.

All in all, it’s pretty good, but if you plan on buying it, I recommend waiting for it go on sale.

You should definitely go look at other reviews, and maybe watch a few videos to get a feel for the game and combat system before buying it.