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@dusty is one of our great moderators! So he gets the shiny blue shield.


But I also work at Chrono. :frowning:


Oh yeah. Sorry, I should recognize you by now!

I thought you had a shield before too?

Edit: your trust level is actually higher than his (you’re at leader and he’s only member) but it seems you’re not on the moderation group for some reason.


wait didn’t you have it before?? (thought i saw that) :thinking:
do i remember wrong oh boi that happens a lot :sweat:? or did you get demoted!? :scream:




That’s odd, totally thought you had it before. Just gotta wake up the slumbering co-workers to add you back into the group… Or can you do it yourself? Or perhaps you have been punished for tinkering with the badges system? :thinking:


The people have spoke! :left_speech_bubble:

@coralinecastell’s suggestion may be a little too… invasive… for some people with personal space issues. But it seems there’s a common interest in playing a Lottery game. I think it would be pretty fun, too!

I’ll begin working on that, but it may take several days for me to iron it all out :hammer:

In the meantime, Raffle 3 is in final preparations and will be posted soon.

After these messages we’ll be right back :tv:

Thanks to everyone who voted :pray:

As for the other games, they’re not off the table. I’ll be exploring these and other ideas for future giveaways.

Raffle 3: Dear Esther, Ethereal, Figment, Last Day of June, Memoranda, Quest for Infamy, The Norwood Suite

While you’re waiting for the lottery game, you hungry hippos can sink your teeth into Raffle 3 :yum:


This calls for a hippo dance to celebrate!

Here’s a flower for your kindness! :grin:


Hippos are really adorable until you see them grab their prey and drag it underwater like some sort of vicious beastie.


The first lottery, Lottery 1 is live :raised_hands:

Thanks again to everyone for providing feedback in the poll :pray: