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Shadow Warrior 2 - 12/11/18 - $7.99


no “lol” was needed for anyone to understand that I was making a lame joke, but i guess u just want to pretend i wasn’t, which is fine by me if u don’t have anything better to do. I guess at least it served some purpose as it kept u occupied for a bit.

Anyways, how bout we move on?

On topic: at least ppl who don’t suffer motion sickness can enjoy it just fine, so that’s something. The first game had rly good mechanics, so i’m pretty sure plenty of ppl can enjoy this one with the addition of coop.


I didn’t assume it was a joke as it didn’t gave me the impression anyone could even get the slightest chuckle outta that :tipping_hand_man::man_facepalming:


That’s ok, my sense of humor is quite peculiar; i just insanely love absurdity; it is my favorite form of humor. The idea that one would have to stop moving in order to be able to play a game that specifically requires you to move in-game (as all games tend to do) is quite absurd, and so my advice was simply absurd; hence, i find it quite amusing, but that’s just me, so don’t let it ruin yr fun


I assume you’re a big fan of these fellas


dude, u have no idea, when i was 18 i had bought some of their sketch compilations on VHS, rofl, and i used to watch those over and over again with my friends and imitate some of their shit, like their stuff from the Ministry of Funny Walks, at school, rofl


(y teachers didn’t know what to do with us)