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Shadow Warrior 2 - 12/11/18 - $7.99


Today’s deal is Shadow Warrior 2!

Welcome to the Best of Chrono Sale! Through December 17th we’ll be re-featuring some of our most popular sales of 2018 at even better prices.





Yo, dude! Did you see Chrono’s selling Shadow Warrior 2 for eight bucks?

Oh, word? They’ve been absolutely smashing it with the games lately!


Like, didn’t they have Vermintide 2 yesterday? That game is SO GOOD!

Ugh! I know, right? SO GOOD! Apparently they’re doing some kind of best-of event right now, so I’ve kinda been hopping on there more and more lately just to check it out!


It is nice! So far, I’ve already picked up Everspace, Kingdom Come, and Vermintide 2! Who knows what kind of awesome stuff they have planned until the 17th!

What’s on the 17th?

The end of the sale, silly! And honestly, it’s probably going to blow our minds!

What do you mean “it’s gonna blow our minds”? I know Shadow Warrior’s 2’s a sick shooter with swords and cool graphics and stuff, but you really think it’s going to blow our minds?

Maybe! But I was talking about the sale!’s a wonderful website!

It is…kinda weird that you’re so outspoken about it, though, especially for someone I just met on the train…

No way, it’s just THAT GOOD! I heard the staff’s really good, too! And sexy!

Okay, what is this? Do you work there?


Are you the copywriter?


Why didn’t you just say that, dude?

Well…sometimes I do these ones where it’s just two people talking, and I like to practice before I write it down.

On real people?

I mean, now that you say it out loud it seems weird.

It is. Oh look, my stop!

Okay, but do you think you’re gonna buy Shadow Warrior 2 for eight bucks?

I mean, YES, but only cause the game’s good, not cause you convinced me.


The official trailer for Shadow Warrior 2:

Our favorite Steam reviews:

As always, use this thread to discuss the deal, talk about the game, and find people to play with.


Why would i pay $8 if i might one day get this for $7?



Story of my life


7 dollars? You’re such a casual.

(Disclaimer, old offer, not currently avaiable).


If you plan on playing with friends, watch out. The devs gave up on making the servers a smooth experience so you will experience frame loss and being out of sync with host constantly.The game is fun though!


The Game GOG gave out for free? Big warning to anyone with motion sickness issues, this game has pleeeenty of first person head bobbing with no way to disable it.


just stop moving? I wonder how u deal with head bobbing irl, lol


Our heads obviously bob and sway as we walk naturally but since we’re engaging in walking all our senses are telling the brain the same thing. Inner ear is signaling sway and bob, our vision is signaling sway and bob, our muscles are CAUSING the sway and bob.

But when games tries to do the same thing only our eyes are telling the brain things are swaying and bobbing and it’s not getting any indications from anywhere else that this should be happening, clearly something is horribly wrong. BOOM simulation sickness!


solution: just sway and bob along in yr chair, BOOM problem solved :rofl::rofl::rofl:


that’s an incredibly mindless and ignorant response


I don’t want this game, but Chrono’s copywriter is awesome :star::star::star::star::star:


It was a joke…He said LOL… Albeit a BAD joke! Like the guy who went to the doctor and said, "Every time I lift my arm it hurts.“
The doctor says, " Then stop lifting your arm.”

This is a joke too…

It’s Christmas/Holidays…Smile and have a good time…:+1:


I aim to please :smiley:




I guess i better cancel that stand up comedy world tour i’ve been planning…

and i had such good material: my opener was:

Two fish swim into a concrete wall; one turns to the other and says: Dam!


Almost as bad as this blonde joke(I am blonde so I can tell this joke)…

Did you hear about the blonde who got fired from the M&M factory?

She was throwing away the W’s.


What do you get if you cross a joke with a rhetorical question?

  • no punch line?
  • an awkward silence?
  • pineapple pizza?
  • How appropriate? You fight like a cow!
  • an idiot’s answer?

(I’m sry; I’m way too tired again :grimacing:)


In case you didn’t notice, lol is used in a variety of cases and not often to signify jokes unless it ppl write LOLOLOLOL - lol


Nope! Never noticed…:thinking:

Too much snow here…