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Seven: The Days Long Gone - 1/30/19 - $8.50


Today’s deal is Seven: The Days Long Gone!





Hey dude! Long time, no see!

Oh, whoa! What’s up, bud?

Not much, not much…just started playing this game I got on sale today for less than nine bucks on…

Wow, the url really ends in “dot good game?”

I guess…? I never really thought about it.


Anyway, since you asked, the game’s called Seven: The Days Long Gone, which is a pretty weird name, but the game’s actually tight. It’s this dope open-world top-down action RPG where you play as this master thief called Teriel, and you get send to this crazy prison island call Peh…

Oh word, no way? I’ve been to Peh myself! Super brutal place!

I’m sorry, are you saying you’ve BEEN to Peh?

I mean, yeah? Didn’t we all? One time Joey Stuart lit off a stink bomb in the locker room and the whole class had to run laps for the full hour! Isn’t that a crazy punishment? It’s like they wanted him to get bullied later! On the one hand, I think that’s kind of next-level, but on the other, it’s kinda sadistic, right?

Hmm. And you think this was on Peh?

Uhh…yeah! 10:30-Lunch five days a week!


Do you not know that the letters “P” and “E” together stand for physical education, and aren’t a single small word pronounced Peh?

I mean…NOW I do…

Whatever. Just buy the game, dude.

My…whole world is crumbling around me…

You’re welcome.

The official trailer for Seven: The Days Long Gone:

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As always, use this thread to discuss the deal, talk about the game, and find people to play with!


Got the game earlier this evening and played for a little bit (past the prologue).
This game seems to be everything I had been wanting to see in an RPG for so long.
Obviously I haven’t seen everything yet, but much of it is handled in a way we have not been seeing.
It has re-captured a dying art of the isometric RPG.
The only other games that seem to have done that and are recent are the Divinity Original Sin games and Atom RPG. Maybe a few more I can’t recall. But they’re a rare breed these days.
Hopefully the rest of the game will be as good as the little bit I’ve seen so far.