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Seeds of Resilience - 1/31/20 - $4.99


Today’s deal is Seeds of Resilience!





Hey everybody, Stan the stranded survivor man here again to remind you how freakin’ SICK I am of hearing all your weak ass takes about the weather. Like seriously? You’re pissed off because it’s raining a little bit? You had a tiny bit of a drizzle and your shirt got a little wet, and that’s what’s driving you crazy? No monsoon, no tornado, no tsunami, just a little bit of a drizzle. That’s it. Wow. Just…wow. I’m just… honestly? I don’t even know what to say.

No no you’re right, y’know what, you guys might be right. Maybe I’m being unreasonable. All this time spent working my ass off to get the bare minimum I need to survive like food and clean water and shelter is definitely making me the unreasonable one. I mean your hair! Look at your hair! It was just a tiny bit too humid and your whole style got ruined oh my gosh I’m SO sorry! I’m just so absolutely torn up! I can’t believe I was being mean and bitter because I have to deal with hurricanes every other day and you’re all BENT OUT OF SHAPE ABOUT SOME HUMIDITY.

That was sarcasm, by the way. That whole second paragraph there? That was sarcasm. I’m not actually sorry. You’re not actually right. I’m right, because I’m the one who’s stranded on an island, and I’m the one who has to deal with ridiculously crazy evil Mother Nature weather, so that automatically makes me right. And because I’m right, you need to buy today’s Chrono deal. Sorry, don’t make the rules. Oh wait, hold on. Just realized. I’ve survived more natural disasters than you so, I actually do.

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Never heard of this game before but it seems really up my alley c:


I really wish this gets to be available on the Coin shop again as I missed getting it before.


This was a very nice little puzzle like game, though I found the character selection a little pointless as there was pretty much one optimal selection for any map. There’s also one or two maps where blind luck decides if you survive or not which I wasn’t a great fan of.

The game does have a few issues with the way it handles tech progression that makes some buildings simply pointless to go for and you’re usually just best served using the basic stuff and focus on food but for the most part I rather enjoyed my time with it.


1 person developer who does monthly updates? That’s… Quite an impressive challenge.


It is not getting monthly updates, anymore, the game is finished and development largely halted as far as I’m aware. There’s not been an update since June last year.


Much like @Fraggles I enjoyed this puzzle-builder quite a lot! One thing to understand, the way the game “seeds” an island appears random, but it almost assuredly is not – you will get X fish spawned in your nearby waters, Y bamboo shoots, and Z oak trees with variation in placement but little impact on the success (or failure) of your mission. Because these resources are constrained, if you waste a bunch of bamboo building huts or docks that get blown away in a storm…expect to be stuck without bamboo for an entire season while you wait for new shoots to grow. Or even worse, you harvest all bamboo and run out (or plant right before winter), not everything is a renewable resource and when you run out you run out. In that respect, it necessitates strategy of conservation balanced with progression as you collect.

I really liked it. It has bugs, especially with a lot of achievements, but the gameplay is solid and it never crashed on me despite frequent alt+tabbing.


Aw, dang!