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Screeps - 10/5/19 - $6.99/$89.99/$96.98


Today’s deal is Screeps!

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Listen, cavemen pet-owners: we are currently standing in the nest of a new age. “A pet is an animal who is looked after by a human but makes most of its own decisions anyway.” Remember this knowledge your overconfident elders passed down to you as a constant truth, as if it would be with you your whole life, keeping you from your forgivable and extremely human dream of true dominion over living things? Must we always deny these drums of subjugation and control pounding away in our hearts on the grounds of animals rights?

Well no longer. For now, beyond animals with cells and brains there are Screeps, which are small artificial units that you program with actual Javascript. Do you understand what we’re saying? These units operate even when you’re not there, constatly building, learning, growing, conquering, and trading, all in the name of you, the genius, who no longer shall be talked down to just because most people don’t know how to code. Imagine the glory of your dog pooping in the exact same place every day for sure and never messing up your wires. THAT is the future that Screeps is here to offer you.

We here at Chrono believe in the potential of humanity, and we think Screeps is a step upon that road to the next stage of our destiny…just…open your eyes and learn…the ways…of the superhuman programmer, who…changes reality with…his fingers, or something? Look, we can’t keep up this act too long or it starts to get creepy. Come play Screeps. It’s an MMO where you program your units with actual Javascript. We got a deal not only on the game, but on the subscription passes it offers up. Give it a shot. We love you. We love animals. We love computers.

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This it the lowest Screeps has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $7.49 on Steam.

As always, use this thread to discuss this deal, talk about the game and find other people to play with!


Huh… I suppose that’s one way to learn web development. Interesting. Work by day, and play/learn by night. Be doing javascript non-stop yet not get bored.


I wonder what was the highest cost for a daily deal :thinking:


That would be the Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2 Preorder at 14th of January for $56.


56 dollars? That actually isn’t as bad as I expected…