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Scheming Through The Zombie Apocalypse: The Beginning - 11/10/19 - $2


Today’s deal is Scheming Through The Zombie Apocalypse: The Beginning!





The thing that’s so great about that time Tom Sawyer convinced everyone to paint that fence is that not only was he able to trick all his dumb little friends into painting it instead of him by telling them it was hella fun, but also that he actually got a few people to pay him for the privelege. That’s how you know Tom was a real-ass schemer and not some weaksauce Robin Hood loser who forgot the real reason to manipulate people is for personal gain. He tricked the people, did no work, AND made some money in the process. He probably felt like a genius as he did it, and honestly, even though he’s made up, we don’t blame him, and in fact even venerate him.

So imagine our surprise when today’s game is basically just a Tom Sawyer fence painting simulator! Granted, the stakes have been appropriately raised, you’re tricking people into doing errands for you during a zombie apocalypse rather than just painting a fence, but what the premise loses in quaintness, we feel it more than makes up for in making you feel like a genius, because not ONLY are you tricking people, now you’re also living to fight another day in the world possible survival scenario you can imagine.

Oh, and also, we should mention, you play as a rabbit and a dog who hang out together in an anthropomorphic animal world, so not only does the game stroke your giant ego, it’s also fairly cute, which some people need while they’re lying to humanize them a bit and keep everything from crossing the line from shitty friend to literally just the postapocalyptic Joker. So yeah, all possibilities considered, this game is awesome, and you can buy it today for two dollars. And honestly, that’s a great deal. We’ve paid people more to let us paint a fence.

The official trailer for Scheming Through The Zombie Apocalypse: The Beginning:

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Oh dang, another singleplayer game. I thought by the art it was going to be multiplayer, but hopes dashed. :sweat_smile:


Oh Great, a single-player game, just up my street.


Oh boy, I hope secures the upcoming next chapter in 2020 with a nice discount as well! Maybe even a month after release or something.


Yes, ama think about dis one…

Yep I bought it lol