Roulette: Early Access

Methinks that I noticed a trend that @ohko just really likes all the emoticons. (And likes gambling). :smile:

In this practice, I’ll go with…
300 on (7-12)
300 on (A)
400 on (Foods)

Edit: Whoops! I thought we were doing a playtest. Silly me. Ignore that part.


@ohko this is getting really complicated :smiley: My sloth mind cant catch up.


This is… really quite amazing. Never thought you would be able to make roulette work with emotes, let alone make it seem worth engaging in it for me (I have a baaaaaad history with roulette) . I missed the earlier drafts, but this seems easy enough to understand now (as far as I’m concerned) . Quite like the idea of multiple rounds, but it does sound like it might be a litle complicated for you…

  • -also, don’t know how no one else noticed, but Sally seems to be cheating a little bit… with a sneaky extra 1000 having appeared in her winnings- :stuck_out_tongue: (I can’t work out how to do the line through :cry: )

Thank you, once again, for your willingness to put work in to make for some fun and engaging ways for the community to win stuff, and also allowing people like me to gamble away without the worry of overdrafts :laughing: :purple_heart:


Don’t worry, we’ll do everything we can to make easy for everyone. I think the trial run will help a lot of people learn how it works and also teach us what we need to fix

Wups! Another typo there. Thanks for lending me your sharp eyes :eyes:

I think my work will be getting it to the point where non-roulette players have a decent idea of what’s going on. It’s good to know that it makes sense to some and that means we’re half way there…

Many thanks for the feedback. It’s been a rewarding experience listening to participants share such nice words :pray: