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I pity the fool who mess with Mr. T!

Yeah with the majority here, this game is great. Beat the story and half of the secret bosses and loved it. Tons of customization options, and the legacy system is both endearing and entertaining all at the same time.


there’s a story?


I had his image in mind when I wrote that too… :rofl:

I understand.

Though I do pay attention to the fact that language is living and changes as well, and thus often a term that is frequently misused will adopt new meanings and variations that gradually become more acceptable, and eventually make it into lexicons as well…


believe it or not yeah. it’s mostly in written form that you find, but gets a bit more involved later on.

Won’t spoil it here.


While not untrue, this is kind of BS that people throw out to excuse being ignorant, using it to shut down conversation instead of learning something new. Much like the cop out of “everyone’s entitled to an opinion”, sure but why not discuss our opinions? I want to know WHY you have that opinion, why else did you even bother to share it?

Words still have meaning and we use them to convey ideas to each other, just because someone doesn’t know how a word is used doesn’t mean it’s fine for them to use it however they please. If we on a large scale keep excusing such behaviour language eventually break down and dies rather than live and change.

You try someone’s cake and complain it’s too salty rather than dense then the baker will try to use less salt not less flour as they should. Tell a game designer their game is grindy when no grind is available in the game and you’re just making pointless complaints for the sake of whining.

I’m sorry I get a little serious there, I do not quite mean to be as harsh as I’m sure I’ve come across. But these sort of discussion killing things are something that’s far too common today and they’re very destructive for good discourse.



u guys kinda make me want to try it again, lol

k, im installing it, no idea if i ever will actually try it again, but the game is like the size of a picture, rofl, so why the hell not install it


It’s a good game, you should definitely play it some more. Like I said above, the story doesn’t matter too much, unless you want to pursue it. Otherwise it’s all about just seeing what the computer throws at you and have fun.

I appreciate a good conversation, only with differing opinions do we grow our knowledge base due to the often lack of self-perception in this fast paced world. So yes, @MarioSpeedwagon, do you care to share a bit more about why you felt this game deserved such a negative commentary from your perspective?

@Fraggles, I was really stressing the gradual nature of evolution of language there above, nothing to do the immediate change just because someone decides to use it one way as opposed to the norm. That would definitely be a misuse.

I am perfectly okay with being serious. For a long time I voiced myself to be the Luddite and I refused to use the word “impact” as a verb. I repeated corrected people by telling them that they “search on Google” instead of “googling.” I told someone yesterday that “a couple” of weeks doesn’t equal a month, it equals two weeks. I was trying to tell someone who was saying “you know” to me a lot in conversation that, “no, I don’t know” because they were using that phrase as a filler instead of the actual meaning of those words. It’s frustrating as heck dealing with people who misuse certain terms without even thinking, just because their friend used it or their friend’s friend heard someone use it on the radio. Following a wrong doesn’t make it a right, but a long time of it leads to change.

Exactly like you said, language/words are important to preserve their integrity and meaning so that we can be accurate when communicating with each other. When it comes down to the boundaries of our thought as confined by words, but the words themselves have vague meaning due to misuse, we are looking at a whole world of potential trouble involving layers upon layers of miscommunication and misunderstanding. Imagine a spaceship launch and the engineers felt that they had a couple of weeks to work on fine tuning some errors scheduled the work into 3-4 week time frame, I can only think about the potential impending disasters.

Let me just clarify a little bit more about what happened above:

I saw your words “objectively wrong” above there, and the first image that came to mine was Mr. Trump. I wasn’t trying to use his face or the idea of “Fake News” to convey any meaning, but instead I was trying to be sarcastic and funny by implying that this guy, who is the representative figurehead of our current government, needs to use these two words strung together to argue against any headline that he dislikes in such a childish manner, when what he should be doing is paying attention to the facts and worrying about the well-being of the people. Thus I considered him the embodiment of “objectively wrong.” What ensued was I realized that my thoughts were clearly not conveyed in a reasonably meaningful way just by copying over a silly looking photo of his face with the two words on it. So I went back in to adding a couple of lines to express some more thought. But what my addition led to was seemingly a move away from the immediately above-mentioned topic and person. So I caused my confusion and potential for misunderstanding.

So in reality, this was probably the better thing I should have posted:


I am sorry to have perhaps caused some misunderstanding and undue stress with my lack of judgement and quick internet fingers. (It’s what I get for trying to get a quick response in in between necessary tasks while at work.)

I also hid my above-posted image just now.


Cold things must bee applped (sic) in the beginning to hinder the confirming of the griefe, but the vse of them after the beginning, impacteth the matter and encreaseth the payne.
—William Clowes, A Prooued Practise for all Young Chirurgians, 1588

The above citation not only illustrates the use of impact as a verb, it provides evidence of such use approximately 200 years before the word began to be used as a noun (the noun use of impact begins to show up at the end of the 18th century). Impact has been in regular use as a verb for well over 400 years now; its earliest uses were primarily to describe problems with the way the body functioned


Definition of google
transitive verb

: to use the Google search engine to obtain information about (someone or something) on the World Wide Web


it’s in the dictionary, so it is a verb, so y, language does evolve with time…