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Rogue Legacy - 12/18/18 - $2.00


Today’s deal is Rogue Legacy!





After the Game Awards a few days ago, fans of Hideo Kojima’s new Sony-funded follow-up to his three decades of work on Metal Gear Solid were disappointed to find that there would be no more info just yet on what exactly the game is about. Luckily, here at Chrono, we’ve been given unprecedented access to the trailers, interviews, and press releases Kojima has already put out, and after spending this whole month deep diving into babies, Guillermo Del Toro, dead sea life, and rain that makes you age, we think we’ve cracked the code: they want us to sell you Rogue Legacy for the insanely low price of two bucks.

Don’t believe us? Well how about this: we know that in Death Stranding, people carry around babies wherever they go, and that even though a lot of times things seem pretty hopeless and dangerous, no one seems too bothered by the idea of their imminent death. Stranding. Nevermind. Point is, we think that in Death Stranding, when you die you respawn into the baby while retaining all your previous memories. This may seem like nothing at first, but whenever you die in Rogue Legacy, you get replaced by a slightly randomized heir, so don’t tell us it’s just some barely supportable coincidence!

And you know what else? Rogue Legacy has over eight classes to choose from. This just seems like a cool feature if you’re not looking carefully, but you know what came out in the eighth month of 2014? That’s right, P.T., the playable teaser for Kojima and Del Toro’s last (cancelled) game at Konami, Silent Hills! What could it all mean? What can a daily deal site even DO with all this undeniable evidence? Could be nothing, sure, but maybe you should just buy the game and find out.

The official trailer for Rogue Legacy:

Our favorite Steam reviews:

As always, use this thread to discuss the deal, talk about the game, and find people to play with.


Amazing game! I highly recommend it!

Fluid gameplay mechanics and precise controls as well as air control, which is pretty bad in 90% of the games in the genre.
For a rogue - lite it has a lot more to unlock between your deaths compared to most of the games in this niche. You unlock plenty of new characters and upgrade them as you want or can afford. On top of that you search for gear blueprints including swords and armor pieces and even runes that give you interesting abilities. This leads to the huge replayability and versatility this game has in store!
The boss fights are really fun and they even have upgraded versions later on.

There’s NG+ for the more hardcore players as well!

The game got updated like 1 year ago with huge patch, but I haven’t checked it yet unfortunately :frowning:

For this price this is total steal of a game you can sink at least 100 hours in and have tons of fun.
It was one of my first purchases on steam ever :stuck_out_tongue:


I couldn’t get into this game precisely due to the controls, it felt too “floaty” for me


Well the jumps are big. I kinda understand what you mean, but it couldn’t be done any other way with this level design and I wouldn’t call it floaty at all, but each to his quirks. I don’t like Hollow Knight jumping, but that’s another story ;] - that’s really floaty!


rly? I find that the jumping in Hollow Knight is awesome and not floaty at all, maybe u need a different controller? u can precisely control how high and long u want yr jump to be, which i personally couldn’t do in Rogue Legacy


You’re both weird, there’s nothing wrong with the controls in either game.


every child is unique :thinking:


:rofl: I don’t like the mechanic to hold a button to control the height in general! In Rogue legacy you have to hold a lot less because the jumping is faster so it’s not that noticeable. I prefer precise mechanics and I doubt there’s better controller than DS4 when I tried all the big brands ones only excluding the steam crap. So each to his own quirks.


memes in 144p in (almost) 2019 :roll_eyes:


Nice, just got it. 1.79 is cheap as it gets, totaly worth it :stuck_out_tongue:


Presumably unpopular opinion:
This game is a pile of hot garbage that had so much potential. There is far too much grinding to try and get treasure to get upgrades. To me, it feels like it went for a hardcore niche and shut out everyone else in the process.


kind of harsh, no? would make kind of sense for this opinion to be unpopular regarding a game that’s sitting at 93% positive reviews on steam…


I am not a hardcore gamer, but rather I found the changes in generations and the different abilities and quirks really funny and awesome in the random generation. There’s a story and progression, but for me it’s just launching to see what silly things will get thrown at me to have a few good laughs at a time.

Each to his/her own opinions. Though most people did like the game, 93% meant that 7% felt disappointed like @MarioSpeedwagon.


Sure but then every once in a while someone is objectively wrong. There’s no grinding in this game. You are never doing any repetitive pointless activities just for the sake of progressing. The only thing you do in this game is play the game and you come out of it with rewards for future runs. That’s not what grinding is.

And I’ve unlocked almost everything and only ever managed to beat 2 bosses. So I’m certainly not at a high skill level of playing this game but still get to enjoy all the unlocked content.

Why can't I think twice before posting?


I wrote a review earlier today and felt amiss at a couple of other reviews by other people complaining about certain aspects of a game that were designed in the exact way they were complaining. So I completely understand.

By the way, I guess internet sarcasm probably doesn’t travel too far… (I do think Mr. T here should be in jail.)


I’m glad I kept this icon I made the last time we spoke about a dislike option.


y i didn’t like it either, but i dont do reviews, lol


I think when it comes down to personal opinions regarding games though, there’s very little that can be objectively right or wrong, since it’s all personal evaluation based on present and past experiences. I do think that someone calling a game “a pile of hot garbage” should be taken seriously with the appropriate reasons.


Oh yeah?

But there is still some and misuse of terminology is an easy one.