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Rogue Empire - 4/24/19 - $11.24


Today’s deal is Rogue Empire!





Now let us be clear about something first. We are a website that offer great games at low low prices. We know that Rogue Empire is a beautifully illustrated and well-told story with multiple ends wrapped up in a fully-featured and always-evolving randomized roguelike game design, and that the dev is super responsive, and that the game is well fun. We know all about the endless mode, and neat card-based progression system, and we LOVE all the dope bosses and extra places to explore.

However, this game IS called Rogue Empire, so I’m going to use this time to explain our theory of how in The Rise of Skywalker, Disney is going to merge the Star Wars universe with the MCU, a theory which even before I knew about this game, I dubbed the “Rogue Empire” theory. Now everyone knows that Rogue from X-Men (which is now a Disney property thanks to the purchase of Fox) gets the powers she has in the comics from absorbing Ms. Marvel’s powers so much Ms. Marvel almost dies.

But now that the comic version of Ms. Marvel has graduated to full-on Captain Marvel, and that’s what the movie’s based off of, what’s to stop Rogue from trying again on film? And since the movie Captain Marvel is powered by the tesseract and can fly into deep space all by herself, what’s to stop her from taking Rogue so far back that she not only travels to a galaxy far far away, but back in time a long long time as well, and what if Rogue gets stuck there, and finds the near dead Emperor Palpatine, absorbs his powers, and gets taken over by his ghost? Wouldn’t you call that a ROGUE EMPIRE? I would. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

The official trailer for Rogue Empire:

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Dang, actually looks really interesting!


I need to get back to this game… Been a lot of updates since I played, not to mention the full release… I played when it was still buggy and in early access, but already showing a lot of promise. :slight_smile: