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Road Redemption - 6/6/19 - $8


Today’s deal is Road Redemption!





The perfect time, the perfect place, the perfect combination of people and positions, but let’s be honest: even though you’ve been waiting your whole life for a moment like this, it’s still pretty jacked up. Oh well. Worth. The Japanese bike screams in between your legs. It’s funny Americans always say their bikes are weaker, but this Stormtrooper-lookin S.O.B. is fast as hell, especially right now as you gain a little on the dude on the other bike, with his flashy, evil stunt show driver look.

Traditionally, Samurai wear their katana at the waist, but when you’re in the coolest biker gang ever conceived, suddenly history and tradition don’t matter so much, and it’s slung across your back like the goddamn Witcher. How else would you be able to savor every second of sharp metal grinding on the inside of the scabbard, as you draw it like a member of some demonic motorized cavalry. It feels cool to be you. Isn’t that a cool feeling?

Anyway, Stunt Show’s practically within arm’s reach now, but maybe he’s seen the sun flashing off the cool squiggly lines on the ancient weapon you’re holding menacingly over your head, because suddenly he seems real squirrelly on the road. It would be a big deal if you were on a Harley, but this little Mario Kart number just follows him right through every twist and turn like a homing missile. It’s time. You swing through his neck like your aunt’s ambrosia. Like we said earlier, the fountain of blood is disturbing, but on the bright side, you’re a futuristic motorcycle ninja now, so really, was it all worth it? Effing of COURSE it was.

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Remember playing similar game as a kid on my Sega.


Looks so awesome, but I no longer have a job so and I spent the last of my money frivously on the Van Helsing games for me and my girlfriend.


how did that interview go?


Thanks for asking!

I ended up not doing it because it’s for a Chinese ESL company (I’m an English teacher at a middle school during the school term), nothing against ESL companies or Chinese ESL companies at all - just read so many reviews about this company and visited their facebook and it looked obvious to me they are a toxic place to work at as so many teachers there were either sycophantically praising them or gouging them over bad business practices. Apparently the company is so unscrupulous and parents they have are so desperate they have 2-year olds getting FULL 1 HOUR LESSONS in ENGLISH. That seems insane to me…

Anyways, I hope to have another interview later today with a US-based English tutoring company out of SLC that pays half of what the chinese company pays but has much better reviews.

Thanks again for asking! That’s sweet of you. Have a great start to your week, Moo!

*(edit - don’t judge my english skills from how I type breathlessly online here haha!)


insane to u but i think very normal in China in upper middle-class; and then right on to French, Maths, piano/violin, and tennis


ooof, I feel like that is a lot for a young, growing human to have to deal with.

I strongly feel we need to learn how to have fun and maximize enjoyment during free time so we grow up well-balanced. Growing up with the mindset that you must be the best at everything is a burden I think. Then again, I guess it’s about perspective. I grew up swimming and running and scraping my knees and arms and getting dirty and messing around and I feel like I’m happy having grown up that way.

Then again, I’m 31 and unemployed with a college degree from a top public university hahah so that’s meaningful too lol