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The only post of yours I removed used a stereotype, the others I left.


Vietnamese language does not have an equivalent to the English consonant /l/.

typically, it is confused /n/. The stereotypical replacement of R’s for L’s come from Japanese because there is, like Vietnamese, no replacement for the L in Japanese. Vietnamese people also typically drop the last consonants in words like “Like” - so it sounds like “Lie”.

It’s your site so you do what you want but it might surprise you how racist we are in Vietnam towards even our own people and we have a pretty harmonious social order, at least compared to the shitshow here in America. There are no winners when speech is policed when it doesn’t need to be.

This social justice thing is not actually promoting social justice. It’s claiming the high moral ground when there really is no such thing. We should all probably grow some thicker skin but difference of opinion is always gonna be key to evolution.


Hm, I did not know that at all, so i apologize for assuming, though it still looks like it was a pronunciation-related joke to me, lol, but then again, that’s just due to my ignorance of the relevant language and culture.

In any case, I agree that ppl need to distinguish between what is actually offensive and not, but I do understand Chrono need to be careful as someone might hold them responsible for what is said here or at least it might not look good, and it is a business after all, and this shit ain’t ez in 2019…


I can’t stand the Thought Police and Outrage Patrol in 2019. They’re not making things any better for the majority of people. It’s just ego-stroking, as far as I am concerned. I can understand policing the site though, as you said. I can also understand not policing it. The second you start policing though, you’re gonna face a different level of criticism. So, I guess you have to evolve a new sense of what is offensive to you, or what could possibly be deemed to offensive.

I personally think all speech should be allowed all the time. That way, nobody has any high ground because everything is allowed. And people can call each other out all they want but nobody has to moderate. What ChronoGG is doing is trying to get money and cultivate what they think looks good as a community, which I understand from a business perspective.

If only people felt they could share their real feelings clearly and honestly…than maybe we could all evolve. Alas, people’s careers and lives can ended in a moment over a joke these days. Our society is fucked.


you see, i disagree with that though, there are limits, and there must be limits

if u give total freedom then in the end someone will say something so terrible that someone else will try to shut them up with force, which is why there must be limits, just like there are limits to the actions we can do to each other as well

here too, although that seems cool in theory, sadly it is not. We don’t actually want real racists, for example, to spread their true feelings in complete liberty etc. because that doesn’t lead to any good ever either, and history shows that such ppl do not evolve either (in most cases)


I guess the only way to appropriately control speech is self-control what one says. But that takes learning.


I am worried about what will happen when bots start policing speech. When the bots are learning more about us than we want them to.