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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam - 5/28/19 - $8.24/$9.99


Today’s deal is Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!

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We hate to break it to you, gamers, but games like Halo and Call of Duty, where one soldier steps up to single-handedly destroy the enemy across multiple missions and battle theaters with tons of headshots, nut shots, and teabagging is…KIND OF just a power fantasy. Real war, especially the brutal guerilla battles that made up the majority of fights American soldiers had in Vietnam, are much less sexy, much more scary, and surprisingly, still incredibly fun when adapted into an extremely high-fidelity game like Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, and that’s exactly why we’re so dang excited to sell it to you today for less than a cheeseburger, fries, and a drink at Five Guys.

Will you die tons more? Hell yeah. Will you get only a few kills per game? Probably, especially at first. Will you sometimes miss the delicious burger you abandoned to purchase this extremely realistic FPS? Only if you’re doing it right. But eventually you’ll grow, you’ll get better, and suddenly…BOOM! You really will be out there in the jungle, digging traps, shooting bad guys, and lighting up the night. It’ll be like in Tropical Thunder when that dude takes out that Panda, except it’ll be you with a Five Guys burger.

So please, gamers, give Rising Storm 2: Vietnam a shot. Not only is it different in tone from most shooters people buy, but also, it somehow convinced us to mention Five Guys a bunch, which is remarkable as it’s only a pretender to the burger throne. Obviously, In-N-Out holds the true crown, but lucky for all of us, it’s still cheaper than this game, so we couldn’t talk it up. We also officially apologize to all Whataburger fans, but at the risk of starting a completely different type of unjust and unwinnable war, we won’t say for what.

The official trailer for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam:

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I was going to just post PTSD here, but u did it so much better, lol


How alive is the community for this game? I love virtually fighting in Vietnam…I miss Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam so bad it hurts. And don’t get me started on the Battlefield 2 Vietnam days, those were the bomb.


I missed all those cuz bone spurs


There are a ton of people still playing this game with 2084 players who are currently online.


DAMN That’s an alive community!


“Bone Spurs”…dirty commie!





This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.












They weren’t reported, I flagged them manually. I’m not cool with racial stereotyping, even if it seems innocuous.


Dear Lonin,

my posts were so blatant in their nature that according to me it was obvious that no actual racial stereotyping was intended at all; rather the opposite

both pictures actually make fun of racial stereotyping and hence the only person who should feel insulted or offended by them is the racist one who actually believes in racial stereotyping

that being said, your house, your rules, and I do understand why Chrono might not be comfortable with it

(u should flag the 2 last ones too for consistency though, in fact, i stopped responding to those as i felt it was perhaps going a direction i didn’t initially intend)


Totally understand, and I appreciate your accepting of the rules. Unfortunately, the internet isn’t always great at communicating intent, so I’d rather not have someone feel targeted or uncomfortable in the case that they don’t immediately understand the intent.


How are my posts racially stereotyping? They are using the word Pho, a food item in Vietnamese cuisine, in an English sentence. How is that even insensitive? Are you from Vietnam and does using the word Pho offend you somehow?? I am vietnamese. It is not offensive to me. I am offended that you are offended.