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Rise to Ruins - 4/2/19 - $3.50


Today’s deal is Rise to Ruins!





Ah yes, villagers, the ultimate currency. You know, they spend their whole lives telling each other that money is all you need for happiness, along with something they made up called “love”, but when you’re a god, it’s all about the villagers themselves. Keeping them alive gives you purpose, literally; directly. Protecting them creates the legend of you, and…hey! Don’t put that there! Jerry, do you actually WANT your family to die in the next monster attack, or-gimme a second, I’ll be right back…

(Weird village building noises. The sound of thirty monsters being torn to shreds.)

Sorry about that. I forgot to mention that villagers are way more stupid than us; and that in order to create your legacy, you’ll probably have to babysit them constantly. But that’s a small price to pay for centuries of worship and…ugh! No, Jerry! That’s backwards! I…sorry, one sec. I swear to me, I’m gonna make naming your kid Jerry a sin…

(Unknown mulching sounds.)

Anyway…yeah. There’s nothing better than a village that works for you. It’s like when you’re human and you get a dog. Your life just gets better, and that’s why…wait. You’re telling me YOU’RE a human? You’re saying you know a dude named Jerry yourself?

Okay, well screw that then. You need to see what it’s like from our side, and I know exactly the way…

(Magic shimmering sounds)

There. Now my favorite god/village sim, Rise to Ruins, is available for 65% off on, the best website around for game deals done with direct involvement from the developers. Grab it, play it an unhealthy amount of hours, and come back and tell me whether the Jerrys of the world rule or suck, okay? See you in a hundred hours…wish MY life had a soundtrack…

The official trailer for Rise to Ruins:

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Sale price info:
This matches the lowest Rise to Ruins has ever been discounted, with the current record being $3.50 at Chrono :smirk:

As always, use this thread to discuss this deal, talk about the game and find other people to play with!


Too many good games to buy, damn it Chrono!!! xD


Anyone reccomend it? I heard the dev is very responsive and the game is very fun.

I never played god like games like this one, but I enjoy tower defense. so how is that aspect?


I personally love the game. The developer is very active with updates, active Discord community and very open to feedback. Also, this might be your last chance (not to promote Chrono too much) to pick up the game for a low price, as the developer of the game is going to increase the price of the base game and reduce the percentage of future discounts. (source:

If you’re intro strategy games in general this is a really great title to pick up!


ahh i see, so it’s “pixel week” theme this time around :thinking:

i see… well, when you FOMOput it like that, i guess i have to pick it up now :face_with_monocle:, even if i’ll probably not get around to it, for a looong while (damn still haven’t even begun Lethis yet :no_mouth:)
dang, that sneaky raccoon pushing just my right button there :confounded:



If you can get over some of the obvious political garbage present in the game (to the point of hate) the game is incredible for its genre. It’s like a smaller scale Rimworld for much cheaper. I got to play it on a friend’s PC to see if I liked it and while it was a bit too complicated (and difficult haha) to me, it was really fun.

For $3, it is a steal.


Political? This game has no story as far as I can see, no?


It is hard to explain. Pop ups appear, comments are made. There is no story, but “event messages” and comedic commentary. If you youtube it, you will get what I mean.


Missed this deal a month ago, happy to catch it on Steam today. After this sale, the price will go up to $14.99 from $9.99. Sale will end 27 hours from now.


To get…or not to get. Hmmmm. I do stand by my convictions, but there are so little games like this that are any good. :thinking: