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Reus - 6/23/19 - $1.99


Today’s deal is Reus!





Today’s game Reus is all about having a big ol’ giant who hangs out with you and helps you make all kinds of stuff, like plants and animals and even minerals. It’s a really beautiful, peaceful game, but sometimes, when you’re a giant-owner, it’s more about the INconveniences than the conveniences, so we here at asked around and found some of your most annoying giant-related problems and made a short comedic listicle, so here goes nothin!

  1. The Smell - Have you ever been indoors with a giant? If not, ask yourself this question: if I was FIFTY feet tall, how big and smelly would my armpits be?

  2. The Financial Burden - Andre the Giant was known to crush multiple steaks, as well as a side or two of lobster for dinner, and he drank over 7000 calories of booze a day, but he was just a really big human! Imagine how much costlier it would be to own a huge beast who uses busses as baseball bats! No thanks.

  3. The Danger - You know how sometimes you’re dog’ll bite you, but it’s chill cause he’s tiny and we all have our bad days? Yeah…we draw the line somewhere BEFORE a giant can get mad and eat one of us in a single bite.

  4. The Noise - Sometimes a fart is just a fart, but sometimes that means all the windows shatter and your ears bleed and all the bacteria in your body gets killed by the gas cloud that comes after.

  5. The Fame - And finally, do you REALLY want your entire life to be based around the fact that you’re the one guy who has a giant for a sidekick? You’d be world famous! Everyone would always be asking you, “where’s that giant, where’s the giant?” But all you want is a night out of the house.

So there you have it. Having a giant in real life would be bad, but that’s why you gotta play Reus, so you can get all the perks and have a great time doing it without the real responsibility of owning a one.

The official trailer for Reus:

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@Ernin8t0r @lonin do this week’s sales also contribute to the charity?


I strongly recommend Reus, it was one of the initial purchases I made on my steam account during the first summer sale I ever participated in!

A fun and nuanced little strategy/resource management game, it takes thoughtful steps to make the most of the 30-60 min games! Especially if you are going to try and make tier 3 advancements for your civilizations.


Nope! Only sales made on the official SGDQ store will contribute to the goal.


k, thx for getting back to me on that, appreciate it


I appreciate that is promoting the charity, but I feel that the way the banner hangs suggests that sales will contribute. I certainly don’t see where it’s been made clear that that isn’t the case. I see only after clicking through to the Raccoon’s profile that it is actually truly an official account.
I don’t know how business is going these days… but this seems like a slightly deceptive/disingenuous layout for actually really promoting the charity action. Are you trying to capitalize on people’s charitable goodness or are you bad at design?