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Resident Evil 7 biohazard - 9/16/19 - $13.49


Today’s deal is Resident Evil 7 biohazard!





Jeez! You first! Give me a break, Pete! These are just a smattering of the crazy things you’ll hear as the Sewer Gators gang, Peter Walken, producer Andre Strickland, and camera guy Clancy Jarvis visit some of America’s most decrepit and supposedly evil places and scare the pants off Dulvey, Louisiana’s primetime TV-watchers every Thursday night. (Just don’t ask what happened to their original camera man…)

Whether you believe in paranormal activity or not, the Sewer Gators are practically anal retentive about what they do, and even though the footage itself may be a little bit less than high quality, the fearlessness with which they face each new location and the research they put into it will always leave you wanting more, which is why when we heard they were headed down to Dulvey’s own cult landmark, the mysterious Baker Ranch Guest House, we practically burnt our andouille we were so excited!

No one knows what happened to the once prominent Baker family following the 2014 hurricane season, but the stories of all the people who’ve gone missing near there, along with the occasional sighting of Mr. Baker wandering the grounds in a daze, or what has been reported as demented shrieking yelps in the night keeps the urban legend alive…and if anyone’s gonna crack the case, it’ll be the Sewer Gators, who begin shooting their heroic all night lock-in this weekend on the property.

Look for it later this fall on WGNO on Thursdays at 9pm CDT.

WGNO, Welcome to the Family!

The official trailer for Resident Evil 7:

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its not traditional RE but still a must buy for the horror genre lovers

aka “family member chase simulator” XD


Too scary for me. hides

Nice deal. ducks behind a friendly sloth




… and I ran… I ran so far away … I couldn’t get away… T_T meep!


Just a headsup, we dropped the price just a bit cos we love y’all so much :kissing_heart:


Did someone call? it might take a while…


Everyone should play this game. The pacing is excellent and I think the game designers have been very respectful of the player.


I’ll be waiting, meanwhile, the cow is being pretty, er… friendly. ^^

@ohko It’s the body horror that makes me look away. shudders


Just recently finished RE7 and found it to be a very enjoyable experience. I do believe it starts off better than it ends, but it still was good. It could have been shorter tho, as some parts are a bit…stretchy imo without introducing anything new. The free DLC was a worthy addition. I do believe they could have had more enemy types and especially less jump scares.


I think this is the game where Capcom executives finally conceded and went “Okay fine! You can focus more on horror and less on action this time, but ONLY just this one time!” And that was the day we knew the franchise was going to be all right. (That song in the announcement teaser was absolutely perfect, and has a lot of variations from its origins.)

It also marks the convergence of the titles Biohazard and Resident Evil (complete with two interpretations of the number 7). At long last, East meets West because plotwise, both titles make sense. Welcome back to what scares us Capcom, and thanks.

… New RE please don’t suck… Multiplayer RE could go either way…

Also thanks for the additional discount and Capcom.