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Resident Evil 3 - 6/13/20 - $38.99


Today’s deal is Resident Evil 3!





Man, dude…look at all that blood…


Dude…I want a Nemesis, too.

What? You mean like, as a pet?

Huh? How could you ever hope to contain…no, dude. I want a Nemesis as in, I’M the target.

You…want an unstoppable killer to hunt you down and murder you forever?

I mean, kinda, yeah! Like, how alive would you feel, you know? It would probably convince me to exercise, too!

You know that in real life, if the Nemesis ever got his hands on you, he’d smash your skull open in like one second, right?

Hmm…yeah. Um, okay, so maybe my Nemesis just like, tickles the shit out of me when he grabs me, and if he does then he leaves me alone for like a week.



You have gotten so far away from the concept of Nemesis, like, what if you just started jogging? Instead of making a stupid wish like this?

Whatever, man. You just have no imagination.

What? I mean, it’s definitely all I need to know why it’s dumb for you to say you want a Nemesis following you around all the time.

Okay yes, FINE. In the real world, which has no magic or fun, a Nemesis chasing me would be awful, but the game Resident Evil 3 is very fun. Does that work for you?

Yes. But don’t do it for me, do it for you!

That is so dumb, dude.


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T_T Wut? A pet Nemesis would be cool. He shapeshifts and stuff. He can take you out on open water, like having a jet ski, ya know? We could run up walls together like we’re Spiderman. Not to mention, a pet with a rocket launcher is a good thing. >.<

Sheesh, some people …


Not to mention doubles as an alarm clock whenever he screams STARRRRRRRRRRS! Also enjoys stargazing.