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Renowned Explorers: International Society - 7/9/19 - $3.99/$3.49/$3.49


Today’s deal is Renowned Explorers: International Society!

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Ah, discovery. Humanity’s oldest and best drug. Yes, even with all the other insane crap that we’ve made up to do in this wild and crazy world, going from somewhere you know to somewhere you don’t never fails to give us the biggest thrill we can imagine. Except crack. That shit is nuts. Don’t start.

But we digress! Adventure! The unknown! Totally real danger! The real Sinbad-Edmund Hillary-Oregon trail-type stuff is what it’s really all about, and now that we have precious precious computers to protect us from pesky things like “mortal peril” and “the elements”, instead of setting out one time in your life, getting diarrhea, and dying after three days, you can go on more expeditions than even the most boring public school history books can comfortably contain!

So go, gamers. Find, uncover, fight, fall ill, heal, mess up, die…and then do it all again! Why not? It’s like 11 bucks with all the DLC! Oh yeah, and seriously folks, don’t do crack. We realize that Wolf of Wall Street made that crap look awesome but trust us, unless you want your adventure to be all about stealing money from all your closest friends and family until it feels like bugs are crawling out of your skin, let it go. And yes, we realize that also kind of sounds like what happens in the 90’s version of The Mummy, but it’s not the same, nerd!

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This matches the lowest Renowned Explorers has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $3.99 on Steam.

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Great game, I recommend it! :butterfly:


I played the snot out of this game when it first came out. I got sucked into the trap of “just 1 more game”. Great deal especially with the DLCs!