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Redout: Enhanced Edition - 3/29/19 - $6.99/$7.50/$12.50


Today we’re featuring Redout: Enhanced Edition!

The deal options are:




Redout is: a tribute to high-speed futuristic racing games of old, but wrapped in the best goddamn graphics you’ve ever seen.

Redout is NOT: a 17-hour accidental nap you unwittingly took after eating an entire box of Fruit By The Foot.

Redout is: a fully featured racing game complete with a 100-race career mode and a fleshed-out VR mode.

Redout is NOT: being a small business owner who’s restaurant goes bankrupt because their insurance doesn’t cover Kool-Aid Man-related structural damage.

Redout is: a deep 12 player online experience that is only elevated by it’s sterling, high fidelity, 5.1 mixed soundtrack, and tons of delicious DLC.

Redout is NOT: a nickname for the hangover you get after waking up in jail the morning after SantaCon 2018. So buy the game, not gin and a Santa suit.

The official trailer for Redout: Enhanced Edition:

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Another one from the Loot Play catalog.

Here’s the list of the final two Loot Play bundles, and if/when they’ve shown up at Chrono afterwards; it’s possible that we’ll see some more of these games showing up here as well.

March Loot Play:
Exoplanet: First Contact (3/20)
Convoy (3/17)
Death’s Hangover
Reign of Bullets
The spy who shot me

February Loot Play:
Redout: Enhanced Edition (3/29)
Super Man Or Monster (3/26)
Scheming Through The Zombie Apocalypse
Hyperdrive Massacre


It would make sense that the Chrono folks who are in touch with the the developers for daily deals would also have packed the same games into the Loot Play bundles. It’s too bad that Loot Play is on hold, likely due to non-viable logistics that we are not privy to.

My thought is that even if Loot Play has continued, these daily deals would have been already in place as well.

I am not sure how far ahead that the day-to-day planning and scheduling of Chrono daily deals have gone, now with a bigger team, it’s possible that it would be queued up a bit farther than before. Then again, I never knew the extent of pre-daily deal planning before Loot Play either, so this is merely qualitative speculation.

It’s the same as often seeing games on sale on Steam or Humble after a game is made available through a Humble Monthly, I don’t think there’s any rhyme or reason, other than Chrono has had good business deals with these developers and it filters through to the daily deals as well as the Loot Play time capsule.

The point is, that Chrono still offers good deals and those bundles are not available for sale, so if people want these games on the day of the Chrono deals, they would still be good.

Not to mention today’s options include the Deluxe edition and basically the “Complete” editions of Redout, those additional items were not featured in the Loot Play bundle.

By that last point alone, I believe it’s not a simple matter of a left-over key dump. (Let’s give some credit to these hard-working friendly folks who bring us great deals and so many free games, eh?)


Yup very much agree with @YQMaoski


Agreed on all points.

This isn’t meant to be a criticism of Chrono or Loot Play, but rather a possible look-ahead for people that may have missed these games before and are looking for a chance to pick them up again.

Cheers :video_game:


With Redout having been featured a number of times now, if it comes up again it might be interesting to have one of the purchase options be a DLC pack without the base game.


agree with this :+1:
i highly appreciate when/if it’s an option
don’t know what it requires/what goes into you guys being able to do those “split deals”, but does help alot with some games when there is an option without the base game and just for dlc(pack) alone on the side
(tho ofc if the deal is cheap enough it has happened i got a combo just for the dlc even if meant “wasting” the base game)