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Redout Deluxe Complete Bundle - 9/18/19 - $9.99


Today’s deal is Redout Deluxe Complete Bundle!

NOTE: Purchase includes Deluxe Edition and ALL 5 DLC packs! (seperate keys for each)




Hey what’s up, how ya doin today? It’s me, your underwear. Yeah, no, I know, it’s weird that I can talk and that somehow I figured how to get a message directed specifically towards you to show up on a website visited by literally trillions of people per day, but here I am nonetheless because I promised myself I’d try everything I could to stop you from buying a copy of Redout: Enhanced Edition today on Steam.

Yes, I realize that it’s only ten bucks, and yes, you can believe me when I say I agree it’s one of if not THE best racing game we’ve seen in our lifetime, but as someone who exists solely to keep everything together downstairs, as you can probably imagine, the job becomes one million times harder when I’m 100% soaked and saturated in human pee pee, and now, especially since Redout now works in VR, you’d be surprised how much I’ve heard about that happening to other fine upstanding undergarments, so if I can, I’m gonna try and prevent it from happening to myself.

I get that you love F-Zero, believe me, and I too believe WipeOut is one of the essential titles on the Sony Playstation, but especially if you love staying hydrated as much as a bunch of those Twitch streamers do, please think twice before buying and playing Redout: Enhanced Edition, or pretty soon you’ll have a Yellowout: Aghast Edition, if you know what I mean. Either that or just take me off before you get started. You’d think me and your pants would have a good relationship and look out for each other, but honestly, I don’t give a shit what happens to those stuck up elitist bastards. Anyway, good looking out, don’t pee on me, have a good day.

The official trailer for Redout: Enhanced Edition:

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GAGH!!! My OCD is kicking in. It is telling me that I NEED the Back to Earth and Space Exploration DLC’s to complete the game…But my brain keeps saying…but it’s 35 cents on the dollar…:thinking: :exploding_head::weary:

NTM My potato PC won’t play it. But then…I am getting a new laptop in Oct or November…

Why did I get up this morning???


Question is why did I buy it before the chrono deal?.. I bought it a few weeks ago, base game and the DLCs separately, just the DLCs cost more than this! :man_facepalming:


BRUH, this is a steal!


I know the potato feels oh so well … sigh

This isn’t my genre and it’s very er… bright. Great to see people drooling over something shiny though, lol.


NO! The bigger questions is …Why didn’t I wait for THIS Chrono deal instead of plucking down $23.00 US 2 years ago and NOT getting ALL the DLC???:exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::weary::weary::weary::weary:

I removed the keys because @YQMaoski is always looking out for me. :hugs:



I won a long race playing it in VR, before the nausea knocked me off my feet.


I did the same. Never mind, I apparently bought it on Steam. WHICH IS AN EVEN WORSE DECISION.

People, the game is great and’s deal is even greater. Buy it!