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Red-Hot Summer Sale over at Fanatical


Thought I’d pay Fanatical a visit, haven’t been there for a while. Found they have a nice sale going on as well, with my personal highlight being the Borderlands Handsome Collection for 6,16€, that’s 97% off. With Borderlands 3 coming up and the related new DLC for 2 still being free until July 8, this is the perfect opportunity for anyone to dive head-first into one of the most fun video game franchises of our time.


Handsome Collection 98% off on steam for me, m8

(and I don’t own any of them games/DLCs)


maybe this deal @Danacscott could benefit from?


Huh, I did not even know that. Maybe it didn’t show, because Steam knows I own it already, idk.


@MattnessLP use coupon CLAPTRAP and you will have it for 5,11€. Thank me later.


@YQMaoski Good looking out. :slight_smile:

@mediiiiiiii How to you use coupons anyway? I’d have to go through Paypal - don’t have a Wallet.


It doesn’t matter what payment method you use. It shows when you go to buy…down at the bottom.

Click on the coupon code and it opens up.


@delenn13 Oh on Fanatical. it thought there were talking about Steam. No idea where my brain went, lol. Thanks.

The irony is, my bestie had changed her mind and didn’t buy it after all. O_o Does anyone here really play it?


I haven’t. I just ran my “Honey” add on and they best code It found that worked for me was FANATICAL10 and it was for 10%.


Borderlands? I have them installed, I’ve just been playing other things. I definitely will get back to them sometime as I need to play the Pre-sequel still.


Does anyone here really play it?

Yeah, I’m playing Borderlands 2 with my brother and my best mate, after we had a blast with the first one when it came out, and we’re really excited for the new DLC and Borderlands 3. We still gotta play the Pre-Sequel in between though^^


This is likely a best price ever thing for Tales of Candlekeep.