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Red Dead Redempion 2 finally coming to PC!


I actually disagree. I think it adds a lot to the game. There are so many things which could’ve been easier and faster, just like they do in Ass Creed (actually just read an article on that, will add it below), and I rly appreciate them not having done that. This might be a weird thing to say, lol, but I’m gonna be 40 in 3 months, and I rly feel like this is a game for 40-60-year-olds, a game that takes its time to do anything, and I love it for that, although I hate having to spend that much time sitting still for a stupid tier-3 rabbit to show up (and being able to check their level) though they’re always popping up when I’m galloping through.

(i never go on kotaku [i check gamespot gaming news every day, though i doubt that’s any better, lol], but this came up while googling whether RDR2 actually was indeed completely open world after I already said I think so to Rhyagelle; even when I’m pretty sure i know something, i always end up fact-checking it anyways, lol)


I guess we look for different things in games? For one i really hate crafting in general and all time it wastes in a game so i guess that influences me not really liking those ‘details’ which wastes my time.

You could say it adds to the immersion and world building BUT.

There is Witcher 3 which doesnt ( mostly admittedly ) waste your time and still is a prime example of world building .

So yeah.


not necessarily, I rly love both Ass Creed Origins and Odyssey, but this slower pace is rly what I was looking for in RDR2, and I rly love and appreciate it. This game actually makes me feel like I left my house and spent some time in open nature, something which neither Origins and Odyssey can pull off, regardless of how good they look.


IMHO we should pick this discussion up once you have completed whole game. If you will still value it and think that all this excessive detail adds to the game then good for you , rockstar hit home run there , but maybe you will start to understand a little bit more where i’m coming from.

From 100h playthrough i probably spent 5 hours looting corpses and other 10 hours dieing because
Arthur’s horse or/and Arthur are so ‘realistic’ they cant walk up a small incline old granny could walk and your horse constantly hitting trees head on because that’s how ‘real’ horses behave :D. They just suicide into any obstacle their handler points them at.


I feel like there’s a difference between a slower pace (which I love) and time-wasting animations (which I do not). Luxurious animations can contribute to pleasantly slow pacing without feeling like a waste of time, but that has to be a deliberate choice with effort put into the implementation specifically to avoid the time-wasting feel.


honestly, I watched Lirik crash his horse so many times that I’ve been quite careful, and i love the fact that i actually have to be careful riding my horse (Dirt Rally with horse, lol), and I’ve only crashed it twice so far in 15h played or so, and neither of those crashes killed me either

this is rly funny to me because I have not once felt he took long to loot ppl, lol, and I loot ppl mid-fights as i move up, rofl, which looks rly stupid (but feels so funny to me cuz in my head my enemies are like “what the hell is that moron doing? can’t he tell we’re trying to kill him?” :joy: )


The horse thing is particularly amusing to me because it’s ridiculously unrealistic. Horses aren’t cars, they’re living, thinking creatures that often know how to navigate their immediate surroundings better than their rider does. If Rockstar wanted realism, then even a basic collision avoidance algorithm (steer slighty left/right to where the player wants based on nearby obstacles) would’ve been far more realistic, as well as more fun to play.


euh, I’ve ridden horses for years, both in paddocks and in nature, and the horse will crash into things or just flatout break and throw u off if u steer into them, or the horse might narrowingly avoid something (or not) but u might still hit it


also, again, i dont have this problem, both crashes were my fault, actually, now that i think off it, both happened cuz i was navigating menus to get some sustenance and the game keeps running in slow-mo while u do that

and as for the looting animation, srsly it cant take more than like 1 second, right? it certainly doesn’t feel like more than that to me

I guess I’m just more aware of my surroundings and so when i get into a situation i feel might lead to a crash, I’ll just immediately slow down so i can handle whatever comes appears around a corner etc., and i also make sure to go around when there’s a drop etc., even if it’s only a 3-foot drop


It takes about 2 seconds, maybe 2.5. It doesn’t feel quite as long as that in-game because it flows so smoothly and because the whole game has that relaxed visual pace, but it’s long enough to feel like a time-waster if you’re coming off a game with immediate looting or just don’t care for it. I imagine it’s particularly egregious if you choose to loot everyone after a fight rather than doing it mid-fight, as then you’re watching those animations over and over.


i guess it depends on one’s perception. I come straight from Origins and Odyssey, where i even had auto-looting for assassinations (and if i remember right in Origins for both assassinations and melee kills)

I’d rly love to see it being timed somewhere. I rly feel it can’t be more than 1 sec, but havent been able to find it online so far.

one example where it clearly added to the game, besides the realism and weight I feel it does add: there’s a mission where u have to steal a stage coach from a barn, and first u need to loot things from the house. U only need to loot $45 or so, but i insisted on looting the whole house, getting away with $200, but i rly felt like i was pushing my luck cuz i didnt know how long its inhabitants would keep chatting with my partner outside and the looting is a bit slow (drawer by drawer, and i closed everything back too, and i loved the fact that he commented on that, saying to his partner they’d never even know i was in the house to begin with, and i rly love how he always closes the lowest drawer with his foot :sunglasses: cuz that makes sense), so it rly felt like risk vs reward and it rly added to the tension i felt, especially towards the end, where they indeed reentered the house before i had left it


FTR the RDR2 looting animations don’t seem long to me, even though my main comparison is The Witcher games, which lack them IIRC. They’re smooth, and since there’s no looting menu and you just get all the items, they’re a reasonable visual indicator that You Did The Thing. I posted mainly because you seemed to equate such animations with deliberate slow pacing, when they’re nearly orthogonal.

I should also mention that my knowledge of the game is from watching some of it played, I do not intend to play it myself. Even though it’s a slow-paced experience overall, the lovely slow parts I’d enjoy are too often interrupted by faster-paced gameplay types that I do not, and even some of the gentle parts seem closer to tedious than relaxing or contemplative, so overall I don’t think I’d enjoy the game. Fortunately, based on the performance video Digital Foundry put out, it looks like I couldn’t run it at/above 30fps anyway so I don’t have to feel like I’m missing anything :D

Edit: Jim Sterling’s video on it has several looting animations in it, try timing those?


OMG almost died wasting time with that screenshot, never realized he was freezing to death, lol


welp, now suddenly this game won’t run anymore for me


There might be a broken process in the background. You should check with task manager.


You can get actual photo camera in game to make pictures and even oldschool selfies :smiley:

Nice looking screenshots btw. PS4 version looks way worse ( though i guess for what PS4 is actually capable of they really pushed the limits of that hardware ) .


updated windows, verified game integrity, restarted pc, nothing helped

then now after getting up started game and it loaded (crash occurred each time when loading the story), cant play now cuz took a job, but immediately went to sleep to start a new save and closed game now. I think from now on I’ll sleep each time before closing so game starts in camp and not out in the open world

just tested to launch and worked

for some reason when i take pictures ingame they don’t look as good when i view them in the launcher afterwards

I was able to make the game look a lot better by using resolution scale (up to 1.250 without losing any fps, but above that it would start to affect it, losing 10-15 fps at 1.5), but it would crash each time in a particular cutscene, so i stopped using it.


Well, 68 hours in, finally finished the main story arc. Feeling pretty sad


because of how it ended.

I do have the two epilogue chapters left to do, just started the first one, kinda curious how that will play out, and the fact that they include these (from how it starts) just makes me hope so much more that they’ll eventually bring out a remastered version of RDR on pc to play through and experience that story as well.

It was a great journey.


I actually didint manage to finish epilogue for some reason, got distracted by other games and then i just sold my PS4 so i’m not sure how did everything wrap up in the end.


well, honestly, you should at the very least watch through the cutscenes on youtube, it’s worth it just to see how it all ended

major spoiler

I also went to see his grave

completely done now, sad, what a great world they created to play in