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Completely agree, the writing is actually really good in this game, so reading it is a pleasure.

I stopped playing because of basically dying every time.

Maybe I should go back and do this… hehe…


I need to get it on GOG and play it.

Yes I know it’s on sale right now.


I was a little hesitant to start another run in Cultist sim after my first proper victory. Since most of the joy in this game comes out of figuring things out I feared it wouldn’t be as much fun once you’ve already cleared it once.

Turns out they’ve thought of that and the new run has introduced a few new things to wrestle with and I’m overjoyed.


I assume you didn’t get it in the Humble monthly a bit ago? or do you just enjoy GOG more?


I don’t do Humble monthly and the steam version still has e-cancer for some dumb reason. (Denuvo). Heck, I even own it on Steam but refuse to install and run it as I would rather get the DRM free version than install Denuvo.


ah ok


OK, I’m sold, just added it to my wishlist


Been playing a decent amount of MTG Arena, but that’s taken a back seat to Autochess mobile and now DOTA Underlords. I also took advantage of the $1 XBOX PC game pass trial and have been playing some Void Bastards which I’m enjoying quite a bit.


This is my go-to-game, it’s everything that was missing from Wizards’ previous forays into digital Magic (not counting MTGO of course)


I’d include MTGO in that, it was just missing totally different things like polish, UX, visual design, and playability. :wink:


yeah, that game looks pretty good


True, it’s also totally unplayable casually.

They’ve sunk so much effort into Arena and it shows.


Yeah. I have a few gripes with it, but overall the game is getting tons of new tweaks and stuff. I’m a sucker for skins and asthetics and it’s a good shooter, so I enjoy it.


BattleBlock Theater with my brother. Such a fun game to play together on a couch, and Stamper’s voiceover makes it so much more enjoyable! A real gem, so so fun. <3


Ay, even devs play games! Welcome to the thread and glad to hear someone is still playing all those competitive card games! (Somewhat joking, they have huge followings, but please, enjoy whatever you love) I would love to see what the other Chrono founders and early birds are playing these days, see if they can pop in and treat us with some descriptive sentences on their current addictions.

In my own life, I was out free-climbing in Red Rock and lost my grip thinking I was going to fall a good 50+ feet so I hyperextended my left pectoral and shoulder muscles to cling to a tiny ledge long enough to get my toes back in a crack. Tore some muscle, bruised entire left ribcage, but I’m alive and fine, just dealing with my left arm/chest being out of commission for ~6 weeks. So far just watching HBO’s Chernobyl, HULU’s Handmaid’s Tale, etc since I haven’t been able to breathe super smoothly sitting up (at least not enough to sit comfortably at a computer and try a mouse-focused game). Will try something soon, Cultist Simulator sounds great thanks to @Fraggles because I need a serious-type game to avoid laughing (or coughing, or sneezing, or…anything that sharply inhales or exhales).

Until then, I have Assassin’s Creed: Rebellion on my phone, I like it. Lots of lore to tie all the games and various Animus Projects together. Just waiting for zone 5 major expansion as it will unlock tier 5 weapons, new assassin level caps, and probably 23 new cities based on current maps and a chance to use all the legendary assassins we’ve been unlocking in events for the last few months. And I can play in bed, right-handed. That’s a major win right now as I recover. :poop: Gamers gotta game! :poop:


Get well, dude! Would’ve been a lot worse had you fallen, not sure climbing without a safety line is such a good idea imo, but u do u, I guess.


I got through a boat load of Point and Click games when I broke my arm in January…if you haven’t played it yet, and assuming you grabbed it when it was free, Kathy Rain is a must play for those convalescing.


So, because I’m majorly on a low, I’ve frogger’ed a few games:

. Mirror’s Edge: trying out First Person view. Pretty good, still nervous about not seeing the feet, but it’s not dizzying like Skyrim. Typical me, stuck in the tutorial, trying for half hour to make a jump after swinging off a pipe. Turns out the balance beam wasn’t that hard after all. >.< Thanks, @NICK9X9 too.

. Weaves of Fate: has a FFT like game play and so far an interesting story, but the King neglected to heal his meat shield brother, and so we both died. Game over. Will play again.

. Glass Wing : cute bane of my patience. The control config end with Y/N for the controller’s settings and nothing you click or keyboard press works. Beautiful game with settings interface that is glitched. No fix found on Steam. Try with it every now and then, like yesterday, still Grr. Too bad as it’s a Nintendo 64 sort of feel. Wings of Glass is the updated version, but GRR!, wish I could play it.

The I of Dragon: So retro and still so pretty. Finally I get to be a dragon! RAWR!. Rawr? Wait. I have to catch and eat things. Oh. Well. Heck they’re monsters trying to kill my humans. NOM NOM! ^^ Also, I get Energy Missiles. I, great Draggie-chan will save the world! :heart:

Alan Wake: Either the initial dream sequence makes you move like you’re wading through fog, or this lil potato can’t handle it that well. Not sure which, both equally possibly true.

Cheers and keep having fun with your (gaming) stash. :sunny:


There’s actually a bug on modern graphics card drivers that makes Alan Wake completely unplayable. I get 15% GPU usage and about 18 FPS consistently now.

Unfortunately, this may be what you’re running into.


Maybe I’ll just have to suck it up and play it @slug pace, hm. Got it mega cheaply because of some copyright with music licence thing I think it was… Finished Adam Wolfe with decent FPS for the most part, pity Alan Wake plays weird.