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Oh hell naw.

Lost 3 days to that :frowning:


My dad and I got addicted to that game for like two whole days. Had a super fun time.

Recommend you try out SPACEPLAN if you haven’t e already. Also a clicker with a story, and a damn good one at that. Plus, it’s super cheap!

@CRV2017 never got around to getting all the achievements! How long did it take you?


It looks pretty neat, and I still got a 1$ from a gift card I got a while ago from gnuffi, so if it goes on sale I might pick it up.


[quote=“coralinecastell, post:338, topic:4634, full:true”]@CRV2017 never got around to getting all the achievements! How long did it take you?

Took me two days to unlock 'em all.

Actually I played on and off for maybe an hour per session.

A fair few of the chievos are sorta tied with one or two others, and a few are “alternates” to an ending of a chapter. So yeah I had to finish one full playthrough and when I unlocked the chapter selection menu, I just went back to a chapter to get a new chievo :slight_smile:


I finally gathered the courage and wits to complete Momodora’s Pacifist and Insane difficulty achievements in one go. Only two years later since my last playthrough, oof

It’s one of my favorite games and it had to be done, 100% achievements! :smiley: Insane difficulty means that if you are hit, you are dead, healing items and etc doesn’t even matter. On the other hand, Pacifist means you cannot kill any of the monsters, only the bosses. So they get along very well.

Imperishable achievement in the middle of them with last play date.


Me right now:

Next step is probably maybe possibly, Salt and Sanctuary or Hollow Knight for the first time. :upside_down_face:


I’ve been playing the Resident Evil 2 remake. I can honestly say, as someone who played the original RE2 release, that this remake is amazing, and completely worth your time.

Finally got around to playing Grim Dawn. Liking it so far.

RE7 is really interesting.

Deep Rock Galactic is good.

The Long Dark however… I dunno. It’s my first real survival game, and I’m dying on the first story “mission”. So I haven’t really made a good assessment of that.


I recently picked up the long dark as well and also had some issues with the start of the story. Don’t linger around, just push on through the first several areas. Don’t worry about picking up anything but the clothes, the special choice items from the crash site and whatever is directly in your path.


Darkside Detective from Humble Bundle. The humor is fine, but the game seems short/easy compared to other point and click games.:disappointed:


I recently purchased a copy of LA Noir for my brothers birthday. He let me buy it digital so we could both get a copy, so i’ve been playing that this week. If you haven’t played it before, I do recommend it. Its one of Rockstar Games best games. Its a very long story focused game set in I believe the 50’s. You play as a police officer that has to climb the ranks by completing missions and other side activities around the open world map. Its an old game that has been remastered to support that 4k resolution.


Jurassic World Evolution.

It’s hard not to be impressed by the sheer beauty of constructing your own dinosaur exhibits on Isla Matanceros, Muerta, Pena, Sorna and Tacaño in the surrounding archipelago around the now-quarantined Isla Nublar. Frontier Games has a supremely stable and fast engine that renders everything gorgeously at insanely high framerates at 4K or windowed 1080p when I have other things drawing my attention.

And then to top it all off, they paid BD Wong (Dr. Wu), Bryce Dallas Howard (Claire boss lady), and JEFF freaking GOLDBLUM (Dr. Ian Malcolm from the originals and new Jurassic movies) to voice dozens of hours of content, voiceover, narration, dialogue, and exposition! Holy cow! That was a massive surprise, honestly assumed it was just a gimmick for the opening trailer, maybe the first mission then nothing for the rest of the game (or cheaper actors).

I will say, the physics can be a bit simplistic though for driving or flying. It’s similar to GTA - not really a challenge, and not super realistic acceleration or turning but it makes for some really comical scenes that Frontier apparently decided to embrace with open arms. Sometimes when you see a sick dinosaur and want your doctors to handle it (instead of manually driving over to shoot it full of medication), they will purposely accelerate like a maniac right at a small hill outside the fence of an exhibit to pop up dozens or maybe 100 meters in the air to jump the fence, despite there being an automated gate a few meters away. It makes me laugh though, it’s a fairly lighthearted game with funny moments.

As for mechanics, the first few days can be tough as I didn’t realize how easy it was for the common freaking cold to wipe out my entire stock of dinosaurs (yes, they die if you don’t treat it quickly). Basically I had to learn to drop EVERYTHING if a sick dino alert popped up, and constantly check the dinos for potential diseases. You have to think of them as multi-million dollar investments: without them, no visitors will come and the park dies. Once you figure out how to not kill off your money-makers, it becomes fairly trivial to balance your budget and keep funds flowing.

All in all, it’s yet another reason to love Frontier. They did the license proud. And I really want Secrets of Dr. Wu expansion; making my own hybrid dinos sounds like I get to re-live my Impossible Creatures (2003) childhood fantasies again.

Solid 9/10 (if you’re addicted to numbers), highly recommend


I recently “finished” Hollow Knight. I’m quite proud of my 106% completion and got an ending to it. I don’t think I’ll ever be good enough to get one of the better endings(plus the jump button on my controller became a bit “sticky” which made it near impossible :cry:), but I rather enjoyed the game and glad to have finally played a game that people here were rather obsessively talking about. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll probably still play it from time to time to “try” and get a better ending, but for now I am done with it.


Yesterday I played “Dawn of Man” which is amazing, and today I played “Undead Horde”. That last one isn’t finished yet, since it just released in EA, but I’m in love with both :smiley:


That’s by the Neon Chrome people right? Happy to hear it is coming along nicely.


I recently beat Terraria , I’ve been playing it since I had a potato powered toaster as a laptop, but never got around to beating it cause the difficulty spike was appearntly to much for me, but after a couple of years, and watching a few play throughs of the game, plus regular wiki visits I managed it.
I also beat HITMAN which I got in giveaway by you kind folk, while not to easy it’s definitely not a very challenging game, of course until you play it full stealth which is what I tried to do, but I usually just improvise instead of following strict plans.
And I’m currently playing Slime Rancher since it went free on Epic Games.


Did you enjoy Hitman? I own it but I’ve been playing Blood Money first and then plan on playing it after, not sure if I’ll play absolution or not.

I’ve been playing KOTOR 2 recently, it’s been fun and it’s been putting me on a star wars binge recently, I’ll likely play either the Jedi Knight series or SWTOR next.


Yeah I did, as I said in my post the beginning levels are a little easy, but the later ones do actually get pretty difficult. Of course they still can be played like Rambo but if you actually try to get a good score and go stealth with as few casualties it gets pretty difficult, I usually played them… well I went more for the route of just shoot the guy and bolt, but that’s just one way to play it. It seems they intended on making the game massively replayable with tons of ways to complete the missions, and they nailed it.
The maps are pretty big, there’s quite a bit of levels (there’s even bonus levels I have yet to play), and a wide variety of ways to take out the target(s). So yeah it’s a pretty good game and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Granted it’s the only HITMAN game I’ve played, so I don’t know how good it is compared to the others.


Just finished Attack of the Earthlings from the coin shop.

I’m a big turn-based fan, this one was pretty dull, I had seen from the reviews that there was no replayability, but I don’t mind that, as I don’t often go back and play games again, particularly if they are story-based, I already know what is going to happen and there are plenty of new things to play.

The story was fine, nothing special, the writing was quirky and reasonably humourous in a light-hearted teenage slap-stick, you know exactly what to expect, kind of way.

But the gameplay was just pedestrian, not enough units, doled out a wee bit too slowly, not nearly enough interesting skills doled out FAR too slowly, by spending mutagen. I finished all the missions well below par, and did all the optional quests, with few or no unit deaths, all of which contribute to gaining extra mutagen, and at the end of the game I still didn’t have enough to unlock all the skills. The game itself just plodded, with some annoying quality of life things that really could have been better:

  • All the animations are slow, with no way to speed them up or skip them, and every unit, enemy and friendly, that is revealed will go through its plodding steps, especially on one missions with mines that rotate 90° every turn, I just had to sit there watching them.
  • Although you can tab to your next unit, after you have activated a previous one, you can’t give it movement or action orders until the previous unit has finished whatever it was you asked it to do, which takes a while because of the point above.
  • Escape these sections within x turns: I completed all of them in x - y turns, but the game doesn’t acknowledge that you made the checkpoint, you just have to sit there ending your turns until it gets to X turns and the next mission objective is revealed, which was mostly escape this next section in x turns…

It was a short game, and really by the end I was passed ready for it to be done.

Tharsis, on the other hand, I really enjoyed - thanks @Gnuffi


I finished “Macrotis” in one day. Amazing game, looks so good and it is so much fun. It took me around 6-7 hours to get all the achievements and enjoyed it a lot! You wouldn’t say it is the first game those developers made :smiley:


I just finished the main campaign in The Division 2 and I’m amazed to say that it’s a good game, much-much better than the previous one and a complete title, with 40 hours of content before reaching the already good end-game.

I’ve now paused The Division 2, to play Sekiro and it’s a damn masterpiece: rewarding combat, great setting and scenaries, fast and fluid movement and traversing, plus stealth. In some ways it reminds me of Mark of the Ninja.


yeah, it was supposed to be a relaunch of Tenchu at first, and I’ve been waiting for years for a remake or whatever of that, but I’m really happy with what they made of it man, it’s awesome, it’s like Tenchu meets Dark Souls meets Bloodborne