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</reality> - 6/26/19 - $4.99


Today’s deal is REALITY!





You walk through the ridiculous fitness room, the futuristic android training apparatuses dripping with pungent sweat of the health-conscious millionaires who came before. A curious glance out the 80 foot cathedral windows earns you an unprecedented look at the mating rituals of the region’s local superbison. Truly, life is but a dream. And yet, as if from behind the very air itself, a muffled voice calls to you, but using a different name. Now the voice is calling you captain, shaking a body you’re keeping somewhere else but can’t really feel, like when your Uber texts you saying he’s there even though you’ve already been outside waiting for him for eight full minutes.

The headclamp disengages with your sensory templeports and suddenly you’re standing at attention in your officer’s quarters next to a VR machine, the only sound besides a deep ballshaking hum very obviously coming from the vibrations of the sublight engines on the cold hard bulkheads is the voice of your first officer, explaining you’ve been caught unawares, and that the evil Dominion ships have taken down your shields. Berry iced tea washes across your fingers impossibly.

You reach up with other wetter hands to pull off the VR headset and you’re back in your bedroom with your roommate clumsily dabbing at your desk with the million leftover napkins he had lying around from all the delivery sushi he’s been ordering. He’s apologizing because the cat made him spill his drink. You want to yell at him for always being careless like this, but in the back of your mind, you’re not sure you know him at all, and when you stop reading this sentence, everything around you ceases to exist.

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This is the lowest REALITY has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $5.99 on Steam.

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