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Pyre - 11/30/18 - $8


Today’s deal is Pyre!





Don’t get us wrong, basketball is a great sport, but it’d be different if it was ancient and magic and came from the Earth. If basketball was magic and came from the Earth, people would be ALL ABOUT the game in a way we’ve never seen before. People you know who seem like they’re super into basketball right now would seem like people who aren’t even super into basketball in the world where it’s an ancient and magical rite.

Another weird thing would be that everyone would ALWAYS be wearing basketball jerseys. Like, right now if you drew a basic person, they’d probably have on a t-shirt and pants, but in a basketball-centric world, jerseys would be like the default option on the character creator. Beyonce would wear one. Everyday. It’d definitely be a different world. We’re no experts, but it seems like life in a world like that would be pretty “basketball-tastic”!

And while admittedly, this seems weird when talking about basketball and Earth, on a distant world off in some faraway corner of the galaxy, there could be someone going through something just like it at this very moment, cast off into some awful purgatorial hole and sent through “The Rites” (aka Magic Basketball) to win their freedom. Also if the whole world was basketball, where would Jack Nicholson sit?

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I absolutely loved Transistor, I think it was amazing. Bastion, on the other hand, while I though I could enjoy it, It felt like a hassle during a free trial/demo.

Supergiant delivers on quality, that’s for sure, so the question is if this game is for you. It’s probably not for me, not for the moment at least.


I’ve loved all of their games, Transistor was super unique and fun, Bastion was also great, Pyre looks gorgeous like a comic book come to life.


I could just gush about this game. I have loved absolutely every Supergiant game and Pyre is no exception. The main game play, “The Rites”, is like a ritualistic basketball game with abilities to banish people out of the game for a bit. Admittedly the rites can be hit or miss for most people but I found it to be fun and thematic within the world. The real great part about the game is the super fun and entertaining characters you meet and learn about. The game a really cool world and story that kept me entertained and engaged for a long time. It took me around ten hours to beat but I was very thorough with exploring everything the game had to offer. Overall, I just love the game and think its great (if you couldn’t tell lol).