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Protolife - 2/1/19 - $7.50


Today’s deal is Protolife!





One time, almost fifteen years ago, and this is gonna be gross, our friend got a terrible infection on his leg that spread outward from a spider bite. At one point in time, we were sippin’ slurpees together, watching the red part grow bigger and bigger, and going over what the doctor said about maybe having to amputate the leg, but luckily, he was able to pull it together, get it cleaned up, and he still walks and runs happily and naturally to this day.

At the time, we never would have told our friend this, but HOLY CRAP that was so scary, some of us STILL have nightmares about it happening to us today, but now that we’ve sat down for a few hours and played Protolife, in which you and your robot army carefully and methodically fight back against an ever-growing proto-lifeform, we’ve had a great mental visual about how infections get bopped, and we can once again enjoy our slurpees in peace. This is a bigger win than you maybe realize, but we digress.

Now listen, aside from this one extremely specific benefit, the game is also extremely fun and you’ll want to keep playing for hours, and honestly, we kinda feel real weird about bringing up the spider-bite kid now, but sometimes you just have to get something off your chest and gosh darnit, maybe that nasty bite messed with our heads a little more than we realized. So thanks again, Protolife, for being good, cheap, and helping us with our weird hang ups. You didn’t have to do that, but you totally did.

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Seems cool game!