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Project Winter free weekend


Looks interesting, unfortunately my free time is already allocated to Board Game Arena this weekend, or I would have been up for this


I might also be down to try this one if I am allowed. i’ve wanted to join some gamenights before yet I never did. my time zone is GMT+2.


Not only allowed, strongly encouraged.
So we have a couple of CESTy people now, so my question to you are how late are you willing to stay up and play games for?


Doubt I can run him, but I noticed this free weekend too. Will have a decent look see and find out. I see snow, I want to be there, lol.


I’m not a big nigth owl but managed to play through L4D2 with Py and Meowski so if there is something to stay up i’m ok.


I need to get up early tomorrow, so I wont be staying up too late.


Graphics: GTX 660 Ti / HD 7870

Someone please translate that foreign language for me. Is thing high end, low end? O_O


It’s lowerish mid to low end :slight_smile:


Low end. The “I bought this for $50 on Craigslist” low end.

For reference, your craptop has worse graphics.


??? That doesn’t tell me much since the sweet potato is an old machine.


I think it’s fairly safe to say if you can’t run Witcher 1, this wont be working out either. Though I certainly wish you could join us.


Not sure we’ll get a full 8 player game but also not sure that’s necessary, so lets go ahead with whomever we can scrounge up.

I would suggest we try to play this today, Saturday the 25th around 2200 CEST. ~13h from this posting. That’s about the earliest I can manage.


I’m 7h behind so 0200 + 700 = 0900.
0900 + 1100 = 2000 (8pm).

The 660 ti, to my knowledge, has much more power than your laptop. I want to say they are almost the same generation. 660 Ti I think was a mid tier card at launch. That was before I got into computers for real (750 Ti was my first card). The surface with a 1060 is well above spec.


You are correct, 13h. Thank you.


If i’m not asleep by then ( if i’m correct that will be 11 p.m for me ) i’m in .


Lets see who we have along for this ride then.
If you have not yet installed the game you might want to get on that. If you had not already done so you may also feel free to add me to your steam friends list to make invitations and such easier.

We’ll hopefully start in about 25 minutes.


So after playing two rounds, I have a few thoughts.

This game requires at least 5 people be in the lobby to start AFAIK. this is really crappy if you’re trying to learn the game unless you have 4 other friends who are available to play.

This game is not new player friendly. Objectives can be abysmally difficult to get, and there is a learning curve. Especially since you are trying to not get killed by other players. It is very easy for the traitors to gang up on people and win a round in less than 3 minutes.

You must have your region set to the region the host is in. There is only a “best” option and not an “all” option.

Finally, this game also features Loot Boxes for cosmetics, but loot boxes all the same. And locks a couple behind timed events and DLC.

My overall thoughts is this game might be better with friends until you learn more about the game. But ultimately, it wasn’t a ton of fun and I don’t really hold too much interest in paying to play it.


Yeah, agreed on pretty much everything.
Though I am curious about how the game balance looks when you play with equally experienced people. For our two games the traitors chose to pretty much instantly start attacking people rather than going for any of the other available options of being subversive and clever about it. I wonder if that was a result of us simply being inexperienced and giving them the opportunity to kill us or if that’s how all games tends to go down.

Game seems like it could be fun if you had a large enough group of friends to play it with consistently but playing with randoms does not seem to be a good time.


I can pretty much just agree on what @Fraggles and @Pylinaer said. This game requires so many things to be right and specific to be fun it’s pretty much impossible without full group of friends who all KNOW or DONT KNOW how to play this game at the same time.

I had fun for like first 15minutes ,randoms we got to fill the lobby were quite talkative and friendly but after Traitors were dealt with and not single one of us knew what to do to progress any further it was starting to get old.


Hope you had a better experience than I did. When I first played this game, it was very much non-newbie friendly. I also had the misfortune of starting my first run as the bad guy, and I had no idea what I was doing. Basically got ganged up by the other players. Happened in two rooms, two games in a row. I quit for good.

Also not a fan of promoting games with loot boxes myself, I usually avoid playing anything that has in-game purchases really.