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Project Winter free weekend


Project Winter, 8 player “cooptional” survival game running a free weekend. This is a type of game I would like to try my hand on from time to time but would probably never buy because I really don’t fancy playing with random people.

But for now it’s free and I was thinking maybe we could find enough players to take it for a test drive this weekend? Who’s up for trying this out?

I am primarily available late EU evenings and nights.


If you will get anything going @Fraggles pop me a message. I would like to join in . Also share your general time zone :wink:


I might be available.

@DontBeSilly Frags is UTC+2 IIRC
UTC-5 Currently for me.


Yes CEST or UTC+2 though that doesn’t matter much, my availability which I posted is what matters.


Well i’m UTC +2 as well .

I was about to tag you @Pylinaer and @YQMaoski here, we havent played anything in a while now so this could be fun if we can manage to organize this.


Looks interesting, unfortunately my free time is already allocated to Board Game Arena this weekend, or I would have been up for this


I might also be down to try this one if I am allowed. i’ve wanted to join some gamenights before yet I never did. my time zone is GMT+2.


Not only allowed, strongly encouraged.
So we have a couple of CESTy people now, so my question to you are how late are you willing to stay up and play games for?


Doubt I can run him, but I noticed this free weekend too. Will have a decent look see and find out. I see snow, I want to be there, lol.


I’m not a big nigth owl but managed to play through L4D2 with Py and Meowski so if there is something to stay up i’m ok.


I need to get up early tomorrow, so I wont be staying up too late.


Graphics: GTX 660 Ti / HD 7870

Someone please translate that foreign language for me. Is thing high end, low end? O_O


It’s lowerish mid to low end :slight_smile:


Low end. The “I bought this for $50 on Craigslist” low end.

For reference, your craptop has worse graphics.


??? That doesn’t tell me much since the sweet potato is an old machine.


I think it’s fairly safe to say if you can’t run Witcher 1, this wont be working out either. Though I certainly wish you could join us.


Not sure we’ll get a full 8 player game but also not sure that’s necessary, so lets go ahead with whomever we can scrounge up.

I would suggest we try to play this today, Saturday the 25th around 2200 CEST. ~13h from this posting. That’s about the earliest I can manage.


I’m 7h behind so 0200 + 700 = 0900.
0900 + 1100 = 2000 (8pm).

The 660 ti, to my knowledge, has much more power than your laptop. I want to say they are almost the same generation. 660 Ti I think was a mid tier card at launch. That was before I got into computers for real (750 Ti was my first card). The surface with a 1060 is well above spec.


You are correct, 13h. Thank you.


If i’m not asleep by then ( if i’m correct that will be 11 p.m for me ) i’m in .