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Project Winter - 6/27/19 - $14.99


Today’s deal is Project Winter!





So Jerry…

Yes, John? What’s up, buddy?

Oh, nothing really Jer…but I am wondering why you opened that door and the let bear in to kill everyone else.

What? You think I did the bear? John, come on, I’m surprised! We’re friends!

Oh yeah? Then how come before Sharon died she said “Oh my god! It’s Jerry! Jerry is the traitor! Helllllllp!”

Pssh! What? That’s not what I remember! I’m pretty sure she said! “Oh…my god! It’s cherries! Cherries and taters! Heelllllllp…me…eat themmm!”

You think Sharon was shouting about how much she loves to eat cherries and potatoes?

I mean, yeah! Doesn’t she seem like the type?

Type? What type? An alien? Who the HELL eats cherries and potatoes together, Jerry?

Okay, fine! What about that time right when we started where I helped you make that fire? That was pretty cool, right?

Jerry, we all made that fire. Together. And if we’re being honest, all you did was pick up some sticks! Besides, why do you smell like bear piss?

What…? Bear piss? What…is…bear piss?



Did you just ask me what Bear piss is?

Oohhhh! BEAR PISS! I thought you were saying some kind of Swedish word! Behrpiss! Or…something…

That’s not a Swedish word.


Goodbye, Jerry.

It’s not NOT a Swedish word…

Yeah huh…


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This matches the lowest Project Winter has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $14.99 on GreenManGaming.

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I really wouldn’t mind some winter right about now, all this warmth, sunshine and insect summer BS got old quickly. ~Wake me up when September ends~


So it seems deals change 10 minutes later now (16:10 GMT instead of 16:00)