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Project Hospital - 2/22/19 - $16


Today’s deal is Project Hospital!





Welcome to Project Hospital, where curing what ails you is one of our top 3 priorities! Here at PH (as those in the know call it), we’re all about our three pillars of success: building, managing, and hospitaling. That’s why we’ve been able to turn around as many at risk hospitals as we have into productive modernized facilities where sick people are happy to be. Some of it’s the hospital staff, sure, and some of it’s the doctors, but probably more than anything else, it’s the giant godlike overseer who guides us through our every move from a hundred feet in the air.

This giant metal automaton simulates an average human being between the age range of millennials and whatever the heck you call the people slightly older than millennials who probably technically still are millennials but don’t really want to be. They can see through walls, place and design furniture, hire and fire extra staff from on high as necessary, and even help run medical procedures by psychically helping doctors make crucial decisions in high pressure situations.

There will be an element of fear you’ll deal with, as the community surrounding the hospital probably won’t adjust to our towering megalithic god statues right away, but if you keep everything relaxed and treat them like gamers who just bought a hospital simulator on sale from the best daily deal site on the internet, everything will be just fine. Just make sure they have access to a giant cellphone so they don’t get bored or miss any DM’s, and if you accidentally get a teenager one, don’t worry, they’ll probably give up after only a few hours. They buy a lot of steam games, if you know what we mean.

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