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Prison Architect - 6/23/20 - $7.49


Today’s deal is a Prison Architect!





Hi there. My name is Alex Faciane. I write the copy here at Chrono pretty much every day, and usually I just faaaaade into the background and stay out of the limelight, but occasionally, I just have to step in and marvel along with you all at the weird things you sometimes see when you try and sell a different video game every single day. Today, in the trailer for Prison Architect, we see someone designed a prison in the shape of the Starship Enterprise.

The practical thinker in me is asking myself…can you imagine getting that email? “Uh, hello, yes. Is Ms. Roddenberry in? Hi, yes, I’m about to be the warden of a brand new prison, and as this is my first time, and I really want to make my mark, I’m reaching out to you for a special request. I’ve been a Trekkie my whole life and I can’t think of a better way to honor Gene’s legacy than to build my prison in the shape of the USS Enterprise. Let me know what you think, I eagerly await your response!”

It’s wild. But honestly, in Prison Architect, that’s exactly the type of Warden you can be. We all know the prison system is a big terrible capitalist stain on the country, but when you have so much control that you can somehow frame the whole thing as fanart, maybe there’s some sociological value to all this, especially since no real prisoners have to get harmed here for us to learn our lessons. Also, I think Worf would be kind of proud of it? I dunno. Anyway, see ya later. I’m gonna fade back into the bushes like Homer.

The official trailer for Prison Architect:

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Where can I find RaccoonV’s Steam review? That caught my eye and got me intrigued. Also, it’s been a while since Alex wrote something as himself sharing his thoughts, rather than conjure up a crazy story, so that’s cool.


I dont wanna be annoying but…


oh noes, 43 cents. Going to matter more what daily exchange rates your bank will give you.


Just saying that it’s kind of a pointless sale this time around. And to me every penny counts, they are like the drops of sweat I poured out at work.


I think Chrono have these deals set ahead of time, and they really have no control over the price or know what the sales will be on Steam. This has happened before, and because Chrono deals only in USD, I know our friends from Brazil often have a full-price Steam tag that’s ultimately cheaper than the daily deals as well.


Hmm , well , yes but i must agree with @Fraggles . I’m not the richest person in the universe myself but i think that difference is minuscule enough and i’d rather buy here than on steam.