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Praey for the Gods - 11/8/19 - $18.99


Today’s deal is Praey for the Gods!





So we’ve been trying to come up with something that’s the perfect metaphor for struggling to survive in a hostile snowy landscape while fighting off giant monsters, and nothing we landed on really gave us that “home run” feeling, so we’re going to go with being a Twitch affiliate. Number one, it’s cold. We’re not sure whether it’s because you’re a cute 5’4” girl from a nordic country, or you’re just too poor to afford heat, but regardless of which one it is, as a Twitch affiliate, you probably wish you had a fire next to you just as badly as our hero, and to us, that’s pretty airtight analogizing.

Then, to win at Twitch, you literally have to spend all your time climbing and not giving up. You must pull yourself up over and over again, until your knuckles are bloody and sore, all the while trying your best to balance on an uneven and constantly shifting creature that mostly just wants you dead. And look, before we go on, let us just say, we’re not monsters. We realize this stuff sounds kind of brutal now, but talk to us again after taking a two week break and then looking at that sub count again and then you tell us who wants who dead, okay?

And finally, you have to kill the gods if you REALLY want to achieve your destiny. Like, don’t get us wrong, we love all the biggest streamers on Twitch and we’d rather work with them than a big faceless company any day, but there’s only room for so many at the top, and if you want one of them to be you, Microsoft’s not going to swoop in and take out the big guys on top forever, if you know what we mean. You really gotta want it, and then eventually, surpass those who once seemed untouchable, and trust us, when you’re finally up there, standing among those you really belong with, you’ll be hard pressed to say it wasn’t all worth it. Praey of the Gods is less than twenty bucks today. Wish we could all buy happiness for so cheap.

The official trailer for Praey for the Gods:

Our favorite Steam reviews:

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It’s ‘Praey’ everywhere but the actual game poster? What.


Hey I actually have a review for this.

The full review is in the comments if you want to read that.


The game was called Prey for the Gods but they had to change their name just before releasing because Bethesda was like “People are going to confuse this for Prey” because it’s Bethesda and they think they own all the words.


So is this kind of like Shadow of…

Looks at Chrono’s story of the day.

Ah, gotcha. Fighting behemoths and hoping it’s actually possible. That, sounds rather fun.


I guess it could be the Æ letter thing…


Ah yes, I backed this game on kickstarter because it so reminiscent of Shadow of the Colossus, which I loved. Nice way to push the game a bit more before it finally gets released :smiley:

Didn’t play myself yet cause I want to experience it when it’s finished, but from what I’ve read it turned out rather nice so far.


T_T Seeing that game made me want to cry. The creatures were so beautiful :heart: I could never play or finish Shadows - I’d just want to save (and pet) all the things.

The behemoths in Praey seem a lot more irritable though. O_o