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Post Scriptum - 8/22/19 - $15.99


Today’s deal is Post Scriptum!





KA-CRACK! The giant tesla coil snaps electricity like a giant whip as it discharges the power runoff from the portal into the stones of the ancient Dutch ruin. Rain pours down every surface like the sky melted and rolls off the corners of hats and fabric in big thick drops that splash in the grass. A trooper steps out of the blue mist and stumbles blindly, looking for someone, somebody, something; anything familiar. He reminded Dr. Jackson of a baby in the way he moved with complete weakness and vulnerability. The medical crew was on him in seconds and pinned him to the floor with warm blankets and a tarp.
Dr. Jackson walked up to the plastic rain cover and tipped up one corner with his cane, revealing the trooper’s grizzled pock-marked face, soaking wet cigar still hanging out of his mouth like a good old Kentucky boy. “Hey there, Doc.” He said, smiling through the clear pain he was in.
“Evenin’ soldier. Glad you could make it by tonight.”
“Honestly, sir? Me too. Durned glad to be here.”
“How’d you do?”
The trooper sat up and rubbed the palm of his free hand on the top of his head hard, shaking out all the water like a shaggy dog. “Easy peasy, Doc. Mess around with the timeline a lil’ bit, and sure enough, even 60 or 70 years on, they still have no idea all that crazy occult Nazi scientist crap was true. I was able to completely remove it from the timeline.”
The doctor rubbed his hands together like he was about to eat after starving. “Hoooo, baby! If what you say is true, we can continue weaponizing ancient artifacts and developing technology far beyond what we thought possible without any fear of future ramifications! The Fuhrer better be shakin’ in his little robotic monkey boots! But how can you be sure, trooper?”
“Aw, that’s easy, doc! I checked out this ‘video game’ they had for sale on this ‘website’ called, and it was supposed to be all about this super historically-accurate simulation, made from all this different research, and archival photographs and films, and it’s supposed to be all immersive…but there’s not even ONE mention of the spider-legged laser tanks, werewolf paratroopers, or even the goddamn Mummy corps! We’re home free, doc!”
Dr. Jackson reached into his pocket and pulled out a lighter. As he wiped the giant Zippo flame across the ruined tobacco, he laughed. “Aw, you know something trooper? It feels goddamn great to be an American. Now let’s go disintegrate some Nazis!”

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This is the lowest Post Scriptum has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $17.99 on :smirk:

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Call me immature if you will but my quickly glancing eyes thought the game’s title was “Post Scrotum” :rofl:


You’re not the only one haha


But seriously, cool game.