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Portal Knights - 3/21/19 - $7.99


Today’s deal is Portal Knights!





Ladies and gentlemen, as the wizard of this court, you might already know it’s my job to just sit in my workshop all day trying to come up with ways to make all your lives better, and surprise! Today is one of those days where all that taxpayer money pays off and I actually have something to show for myself. People of the kingdom, I present to you…the portal!

(no applause)

…I said…the PORTAL!

What does it do?

I’m sorry, what does it DO? Why, only create an instantaneous doorway between any two locations!

Like a carriage?

No, not like a carriage! Don’t you see? Carriages take TIME! Travel with a portal is instantaneous! I mean, think of the possibilities!

What about like, monsters from other worlds? Won’t they all want to eat us? I mean look at me, I’d be delicious!

Actually, I’m glad you asked, because along with the portals themselves…I’m happy to reveal to you…the Portal Knights!

Portal Whatsis now?

Knights, you imbecile! Ever heard of them? And these ones spend all their time going through portals and settling the hostile landscape! It’s how we’ll tame the land!

Do I have to give up my horse?

What? Why would you have to give up your h-

What about portal DAYS?

Huh? Ugh, look, no, they’re called Portal KNIGHTS with a K! Not like day and n-

How do we know it’s still the same us coming out the other side of the portal?

W-what? Because it is! This isn’t Star Trek, okay? Look, screw this, here’s a portal, there’s gonna be knights, it’s like Minecraft with real-time party based RPG elements. Now I’m warping to an island that’s just for smart people.

Wait…What’s Minecraft?

Nope, I’m gone. Bye!

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I own this game on Mobile.
While the graphics are cute and well done (especially considering how well it runs on mobile), the game itself is mediocre at best UNLESS you just want a creative world to build stuff in. Mind you this is my single player experience, I doubt tho that it gets much more fun with others.

Gameplay with melee feels just as…uncontrolled as it does with staff or bow. Combat is basically shooting while running backwards or as melee dodging left/right while stabbing. The RPG portion of this game is not satisfying at all, it’s really grindy as well.

I bought it for idk around 3€ I believe and I’m fine with it, but if you got something else to play rn, don’t bother and wait for a steeper sale, this game fails to live up to its premise, unfortunately so :confused:


i see latam and my heart it fills of love but i have the game :frowning:


We pretty much felt the same way about this game. It was just an ok game, nothing spectacular and we played it in co-op. Got it in a Humble monthly so really didn’t pay much for it, but it needs more to get us to play it.