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Portal Knights - 11/21/19 - $7.49


Today’s deal is Portal Knights!





You been at this for hours, but finally, it’s all falling into place. You’ve done it. You’re moving. The world where all currency is high-powered gaming PC’s was a piece of cake. You just set up a busking station and played Wonderwall by Oasis for 3 hours until someone tipped us an alienware laptop. Meanwhile, your cousin and a kid you used to play D&D with a few years ago who you’re just now reconnecting with are running around collecting shards of crystal. You meet up at the portal gate, build the portal, and take the laptop through.

Now you’re in a world where people are actually friendly and want to play games with total strangers. You find a girl working at the comic shop in town who thinks it’s exciting when you come into her work looking for party members, and she even believes you when you swear you didn’t steal it off the Best Buy truck. You meet up with your friends at the portal gate, who discovered that here, crystal shards get left out in bowls like candy in the workplace. They sat around in the lobby of a new media company stealing shards off the receptionist’s desk until it was time. One portal left.

In this world, people get their Steam games at historically low prices on some strange purple website that loves to give you fake money for free. The four of you find a coffee shop and log in on the hot lappy. Some game called Portal Knights costs less than 8 bucks, but you don’t have any of the small plastic rectangles people use for money in this world. You sell off your last few crystals for 3 million dollars a pop and settle in this world with very lax tax laws to play a video game about with your new friend group about the very thing you were just doing. You could totally get used to this. Best eight bucks you ever spent.

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Cute characters and dangerous environments. Fun combination.