PlayStation Plus Monthly Games (Now with January 2021)



Almost a new month, new PS+ titles have been revealed!
Note" All PS Store links are for Canada sites.

April 2020 Free games:
We got a great month ahead of us this time. First up Uncharted 4, developed by naughty Dog, and published by Sony. Its an action-adventure story driven game. This is a fantastic game I highly recommend it. Its my personal favourite in the uncharted franchise. When i got the game i couldn’t stop playing the game. The story and gameplay is amazing. Its a great ending to the main series. heck even the spin off game wasn’t that bad. Anyway definitely grab this game.


Next up is Dirt Rally 2.0, developed and published by Codemasters. I can’t say much about this other than I’ve heard goods things about it.


These games will be available as of April 7th and unavailable after May 4th. As always I do recommend you pick them up, even if you don’t plan on playing them right now. You never know when you might be bored one day and want something new to play. Or even with social distancing going on right now, maybe stay home and play with your buds on these two games.


Side note, these were leaked a day early so this could change


I can now confirm they are the PS+ games for next month


I don’t have a PS but here’s a freebie…Enjoy
Seems to be EU only!!! Sorry!!!

Thanks for letting me know @THEFIREGAMER123



Nice, sadly not free in Canada though.


Weird. I live in Canada too.


Looking into it, it seemed to be a pricing error of some sort. You don’t have a play station account though right?

I just signed out of my account and it allowed me to stay on the page but it’ll a few seconds later give me an unable to find page error. I’m pretty sure that link is for Europe.


No, I don’t have an account of a PS…

I added a EU disclaimer.


I know this was an old post but I had to come and say that I agree. I’ve been playing the first game for a few days now since it’s free and all and the combat is alright.
The game does have a lot more shooting than I’d like (because I can’t aim with a controller…) but it does it pretty well.
If the later games do it better then I look forward to it.

@delenn13 Doesn’t seem to be free in EU either, at least not on my end. Sony can be so damn specific that it’s probably just a few countries in EU.


And that is one of the reasons that NO SONY PRODUCTS are allowed in my Household…

I probably should say…SONY be dammed; consider yourself lucky if you can get this game…


Yeah they can be very annoying at times. Always fun consoles to mod though.

Here's a screenshot from my ps4 btw

You can get around all that regional bs by simply having a ton of accounts but I don’t think anyone wants to bother with that.


Yeah its probably specific countries in EU

Edit: Oh wait its right in the link GB which is United Kingdom


According to this reddit thread it actually expired a few hours ago. So it might’ve been available in more regions, my bad.


Almost a new month, new PS+ titles have been revealed!
Note: All PS Store Links are for Canada

May 2020 Free games:
A lot of people aren’t to happy with next month, I’m honestly not too sure as to why. It doesn’t seem that bad too me, especially this first one. Cities skylines is a city building game developed by Colossal order and published by Paradox Interactive. I really enjoyed this game.


Next up is Farming Simulator 2019, (I thought that maybe this game was the reason why so many people didn’t like this month, more on that in a bit) this game, well speaks for its self with its gameplay style. Developed by Giants Software and published by Focus Home interactive.

So i thought this game may have been the reason people didn’t like this months games, but I remember multiple people told me this game, maybe not the 2019 one specifically but the farming simulator games in general are very relaxing and fun. So i don’t understand why people would complain about this.


These games will be available as of May 5th and unavailable after June 1st. As always I do recommend you pick them up, even if you don’t plan on playing them right now. You never know when you might be bored one day and want something new to play.


Farming Simulator 19 is a hell of a lot of fun. Definitely pick if up if you guys can! :slight_smile:


Oh i feel like a lot of people will be very dissapointed by this month’s picks. I’m not saying anything about the games themselves but they seem to be more for a nieche audiences and from what i noticed from almost two years of PS+ is most of people want mainstream stuff.


Cities Skylines and Farming Simulator are what I would call semi-games.

Yes, not all games need to have a plot. But these games are real-life simulators which don’t offer too much more beyond what is already available in your “real life”. That kind of diminishes their reach to most console players.



Thanks for the heads up, I already own the game though.


June is just around the corner and the new PS+ games have been revealed!

June 2020 Free Games:
First up is Call of Duty: WWII. Its a first-person shooter developed by Sledgehammer Games and published by Activision. I haven’t played this one so I have nothing to say about it.
This one is available early for some reason, not sure why. (At least in Canada)


Next up is a game that made quite the comeback. Battlefront II (2017) is an action shooter game developed by DICE, Motive, Criterion and published by EA. This game had a rough launch due to all the drama surrounding its micro transactions but, I’m proud to say in its current state this game is a lot of fun and isn’t a micro transaction mess. They have released a lot of awesome and free content over the years bringing in lots of new characters and locations. The singeplayer story isn’t the best in the world i thought it was okay. One things for sure if you’re a Star wars nerd, you’ll love the tie ins to the movies. It adds additional lore that to my knowledge is canon in the Star wars universe.


So to repeat COD WWII is available right now for reasons unknown to me. And Battlefront II will be available June 2nd until July 6th. (Since COD was given away free early I am unsure of when that will no longer be available). As always I do recommend you pick them up, even if you don’t plan on playing them right now. You never know when you might be bored one day and want something new to play.