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Playing: Mindjammer, An RPG About Chronies IN SPAAAAAAAACE!


euh, I think that is @hivefleetbothan’s decision actually


I built a character for @Fraggles since I liked the idea of an arm somewhere just building Honda parts/whole Hondas somewhere in the facility… I imagine whatever the parties Hub is, they find Fraggles there. Also, this way if Fraggles wants to continue to occasionally interject, I have actual rules for their character…

Also thanks @Halcypher for getting us back on track!


I don’t think Detroit exist in this setting anymore?

In any case, I’ll be the facility or at least part of, so careful where you shot at D:

And my main goal is to seize the rest of it.


What if @Inferry’s goal is our overall mission:

The facility has employed a team (with the other characters either aware or unaware of who their employer is) to gain control over the facility from parties known or unknown. With promises of additional loot as well as pay ofc.


I feel like this may have stalled…


That’s cuz the facility has been overtaken by giant ants who killed the whole team; now @Fraggles is the last one “alive”, but all he cares about is making Honda car parts

there’s actually pictures which were taken of this cataclysmic event:

The government is forming an elite team comprised of Ellen Ripley, Isaac Clarke, Sarah Connor, and Spongebob to go investigate the site. Rick and Morty were not available though they were first choice.


Screw that team of uninteresting, unrelateable hacks. We are sending the original team of 80’s Hackers and Hitmen (WITH A BEAR!).

@Halcypher is right, I was waiting to make sure that everything was set up, but you know what? Fortune favors the bold, I think we should just get started, and whatever still needs to be worked out gets worked out as we encounter it. Sound good?

What are we doing:

  • Starting At the Facility
  • Starting At A Bar Somewhere IN SPACE
  • Starting Enroute to the Facility

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I am checking this tomorrow (in exactly 24 hours from this post) then posting the synopsis to get this show on the road.




Thanks for putting me back on track.


Agreed, no one waits for the lazy bum me

@Halcypher you just want your scripts to get some use :q


Of course I do! :slight_smile:
Even though I rushed them, I’ve still spent longer on creating them than using them at the moment. That hurts me a little bit inside…


The poll results have stated that we all want to start at the facility. So I guess we set our scene thusly:

The bulky outline of the Candela sits upon a sheen white floor, minor streaks and scuffs marking its rather hasty landing in this odd place. The engines complete their spin down, and the doors open. The floor is featureless save for three small white pallets sitting off in the Northeast corner of the room.

Looking out at the room, there are three identical doorways, one in the East side, one in the West side and one on the North side. On the south side there is was a large bay door, however the walls have recently become quasi-liquid and the entrance that the Candela entered through has almost totally disappeared.

Take this opportunity to introduce your character, mention your goals and decide how you want to progress… Note that everyone is in this room at this moment unless the player decides to be in another room later on (please state this if it is your intention).


[yo @hivefleetbothan the names of the cardinal directions are never capitalized unless they are part of a name or indicate a particular region in a country or so.]


That is a fair point, however I like to include them in caps so it is easier to read.


This place doesn’t look too bad, it must have been quite something in it’s day. but now it’s quite rundown and shabby. What exactly are we looking for here? And more importantly what will we find?

ǂ My Name’s 'Risk, no, that’s not my real name, but you are never going to get to know me, so it doesn’t really matter now does it?
All you need to know is that I want to get paid and I don’t want to get crossed! ǂ


OOC: It would appear you are all alone in this place… strange, perhaps you will find your companions deeper inside?

As you look around the room, trying to locate the ship’s driver or anyone to answer your questions, suddenly you find yourself face to face with a flickering blue projection, standing roughly 2 meters tall the projection appears to be a humanoid form, without facial features or distinguishing traits, just a blurry outline (like the signals on walk signs or restrooms). It stands relaxed, sound seems to come from every corner of the room, a voice reminiscent of security alerts, calm perhaps even bored with the words it is reading.

VOICE: Lifeform, know that you have been detected by our security systems, due to your lack of mindscape connectivity we have been unable to determine if you possess proper clearance to land here. This research facility is not to be tampered with by order of the Commonality Lord Commander. Any hostile activity will be answered with extreme prejudice.

The voice then proceeds to speak in other languages, the tone and inflection unchanged.


The sound of a toilet flushing followed by water runing masked trough a door.

A clearly relief Ursoid with his face slightly wet comes down the ship, refreshed and smiling.

ζ Hey Security! Bagheera here, Would you be so kind to tell us what level of clearance is needed? I’m sure good ol’ Baggy and his crew are welcomed here.

Profound sigh. Looks at 'Risk with his arms slightly open Always the same story, they never update our status… ζ


'Risk turns slowly to face Bagheera, his hands drifting subconsciously to rest on Phobos and Deimos, his matched butterfly swords.

ǂ You told me this was a professional operation. This is hardly an auspicious start! Never the less, I’m here now, so let’s get to it, lead on. ǂ

'Risk’s hands are still resting on his blades and he appears to be reciting some kind of mantra sotto voce.


Serzalir entered the room from the east door. Seeing 'Risk’s hands on his swords he spoke up.

🜾 Whoa there, chill out, will you? This place was abandoned when we moved in. We just never bothered to take out the old security systems. Works pretty good doorbell doesn’t it? 🜾

Companion Chat for Mindjammer, An RPG About Chronies IN SPAAAAAAAACE!

ζ We do a job, we get paid; By definition… things don’t get more “professional” than that right? big smile showing all the teeth.
In a lower tone and faster: Besides, we got the required clearence, which is none so…

Off to a good start!! Hi there friend, no need to worry about my business associate.

The name is Bagheera, “Baggy” at your service ^^ and my partner…

*I extend my arm with ceremony pointing Risk both to not talk over… I bet he’s not in the mood for that, and to get a good look at the newcomer without him noticing too much.

Doubt: I guess I need ask for a notice check to… well, notice, in general? or you’ll reveal based on my notice level as we go? @hivefleetbothan