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Planetary Annihilation: TITANS - $5 - 7/25/19


Today’s deal is Planetary Annihilation: TITANS!





As the bell rang and all his kids got up to leave, amidst the clatter and the shuffling and the end-of-day commotion, Mr. Parnell’s attention was drawn to Toby, the only one who wasn’t moving. He smiled to himself as he watched Toby’s quiet stare out the window from his seat in the back left corner of the classroom. As usual, Toby’s mind was elsewhere, glassing his eyes over like he belonged somewhere far away. But where?

For as long as he knew Toby, which admittedly, was only a few months since the semester was just halfway through, he was always in this state, leasing half his attention span to some mystery situation at all times. He tried his best to figure out exactly what it was through context clues, but he was having trouble guessing, and Toby was only getting more and more noble, and wise, and seemingly filled with regret. When he called on him to answer a question in class, Toby sounded old beyond his years, like a CEO during layoffs.

So finally, he decided today was the day. Mr. Parnell suddenly found himself back in the left corner with Toby, and Toby, who had now realized something fishy was going on, reacted. “Can I help you, Mr. Parnell?” he asked matter-of-factly.

“I hope so, Toby. See, you seem like a decent enough kid, but pretty much every time I see you, you’re…off somewhere else. I mean, I know that physically you’re here, but what is so engrossing that it’s literally always on your mind?”

Toby finally turned to look Mr. Parnell in the eye. “Honestly? A couple of months ago this site was selling this game Planetary Annihilation: TITANS for five bucks, and that was all the money I had, but I bought it, and slowly I watched myself morph into a sad, experienced, and guilty military commander. I’ve lost more good people than you’ve ever had as students, Mr. Parnell, and I carry that weight with me everywhere.”

This was not the answer Mr. Parnell was expecting. He improvised. “Uh…well, is the game good at least?”

“Oh hell yeah. I just got a little too into the melodrama of everything. After all, I’m only 11 years old. I probably should have waited till summer.”

Mr. Parnell suddenly felt a wave of inner peace wash over himself. “Believe me, we’re ALL waiting for summer, kid…”

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This is the lowest Planetary Annihilation: TITANS has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous sale was $5.99 on Steam.

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Great RTS despite critics bashing the original (hopes were wild when it first went into development, so the Kickstarter overhyped the game) but it was successful, then the TITANS remake/expansion however you want to call it fixed all the bugs and smoothed out gameplay. There’s still a robust community of multiplayers, daily/weekly/monthly tournaments, plus with Twitch integration (very streamlined too). Even though there isn’t a huge viewership for RTS games, it’s a nice feature.

Oh, and you can still smash a moon into another planet, hard not to love this feature! :poop: