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Planet Zoo Deluxe - 3/12/20 - $32.99/$37.99


Today’s deal is Planet Zoo!




Hey. Yo. People…to be honest, we’re shocked and surprised right now. Why is this not trending on Twitter? Why hasn’t this become one of those “memes” we keep reading about in our weekly email readers? Are you not hearing the words that our coming out of our motherf***ing mouths? PLANET. ZOO. IS. CURRENTLY. ON. SALE. AT. A. SIGNIFICANT. DISCOUNT.

Where are the horns blowing out from the parapets, with red ribbons flowing from their leadpipes? Are your ears closed away from this day’s glorious sound? Have you not yet internalized this happy news? Can you not hear the screaming triumphs issuing from the throats of the apes? Has the lion’s call not burned into your heart? What of the magnificent bone white tusks of the African Elephant? Has your body not yet begun vibrating? IMAGINE. IF. THE. ENTIRE. PLANET. WAS. A. ZOO.

And look, maybe we are overselling it a little bit. Can you blame us? But honestly, if for whatever reason, we were having a really stressful week, and stuff we’ve been reading online isn’t doing us any favors, and Animal Crossing is still a week away, Planet Zoo is EXACTLY the type of chill, peaceful, brain-engaging game we’d want to be playing. And that’s real as heck.

The official trailer for Planet Zoo:

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I played an enormous amount of Zoo Tycoon Deluxe when I was younger, so I jumped on this when it came out. I’m not sure why, but it just didn’t click for me and I put it down after relatively few hours. I guess I ought to give it another try.


Awh that’s a shame. I really loved zoo tycoon as well. And Sim Safari. I was hoping this would scratch that itch. Not planning on buying it right now cause $$$ anyway but i’ve had it wishlisted since it was announced.


I want a zoo that solely consists of an alarmingly large army of geese.

Or a zoo that is basically The Lion King Resort, complete with Phil Collins music blaring from every PA speaker.

Can somebody make that and put it into the Steam Workshop?


Untitled Goose Zoo