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PLANET ALPHA - 3/22/19 - $9


Today’s deal is PLANET ALPHA!





Hey, yo, if you’re reading this, it means my message got through: my name is James Glorvis, and I’m the President of Planet Beta. I’ve been hearing a lot of noise out there about how great our neighbor “Planet Alpha” is, and I just wanted to take a second to make a case for the treasure that’s already here all around you on good old Planet Beta. Except for the mountain tribes that eat people and smell like farts. Forget about them.

So a big deal with Planet Alpha we’re hearing is that certain people have been finding it possible to control the time of day over there. That seems cool at first, but imagine how pissed everyone down there will be! Can you imagine if that happened on an overpopulated world like Planet Beta? Oops! Did I say overpopulated? I meant…overpopulated with…pizza! Humans like pizza still, right? Cause yeah…we…have it!

And there’s a lot out there on the ‘net about the beauty of Planet Alpha, and how there’s never been anything like it, etc, etc., but all I have to ask is, according to who? Some aliens? For all you know, they have eight weird eyes and their light blue is your puke orange. And honestly, what good is beauty if you can’t afford it? A small sensible apartment is really cheap on Beta if you get one infested with bugs!

H-hey! Wait! Where are you going! Come visit my planetttt!

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This is the lowest PLANET ALPHA has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $9.23 on GameBillet.

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