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PLANET ALPHA - 1/13/20 - $4.79


Today’s deal is PLANET ALPHA!





Some people dream of leaving this terrestrial life behind to be stranded alone on an alien planet. We here at believe these people haven’t really thought this through. Like, imagine if there was just an animal that looked exactly like an Earth animal that’s good for eating, except it has a poison that makes your bones melt off. Or imagine you find out the hard way that the planet you’re on has acid running across it instead of water, and then you drink it and your bones melt off. Could be bad, could be bad.

But hey! That doesn’t mean we don’t get the thought behind it! Trust us, we know what it’s like to want to get away. Just don’t be a dummy and wish for situations that will end in certain death! And besides, do you realize how much it costs for private citizens to get up into space these days? Like a quarter of a million dollars or more! So look, how about this: we got this video game here called Planet Alpha, and it’s about exactly what we were just talking about, except it’s a game instead of reality, so we’re all for it, and instead of $250,000, it costs less than .00002% of that at $4.79.

Now come on, is that a way better idea or a way better idea? And look, we realize this isn’t always about safety, some people get a kick from riding a motorocycle on the freeway at full speed or jumping out of a plane with a cloth on their back to help them not die, but when the game is real good and in reality there’s a chance that you could melt your whole bones off, the choice is clear. Unless of course, you’re like Jeff Bezos or something, but then hey! Get off the deal site and buy your games full price, asshole! This isn’t for you! Freakin’ billionaires…

The official trailer for PLANET ALPHA:

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Time manipulation sounds like fun!


oh no the coin shop infected the daily deals !!!
even more 2D platformers :’(