Pixarra Paint Studio v1 license for Free Again! Scroll to the Bottom...

Thanks so much!

Joining this community turned out to be a great idea! <3


So sweet of you to say that! :sparkling_heart:
Glad you finaly joined, I hope you stick around ^^

@Inferry Got you, bruh


Welcome to the craz…er…duh…I mean, forum/community. :sunglasses:


Be sure to READ everything before you get the program…I don’t want to hear any complaints!!!

Good news for those who missed this…Or you may update it…Newer version…Version is v1.14 Like @Rilover, @Inferry and @GanbaRANGER and others…

You have to give them some info…
“You must submit a valid email to get this freebie. You agree to allow us to keep you informed of new giveaways and discounts. You can unsubscribe at any time, and once you unsubscribe you will not be added again. If this is not acceptable to you, please leave now.”

I have been using this site for years and years. I have watched this kid grow up and now he has a family. He started doing unpaid reviews for GOTD; then, he got his own site and has branched out to even include Android products. He offers deals on software too and games but the gaming area is not very active.

If you feel uncomfortable with this installer then…don’t get this program…

Deny the SharewareOnSale Daily Giveaway Notifier unless you want it…The emails are enough. You can unsubscribe from the mails too as I said before.

“The download link for TwistedBrush Paint Studio is provided to you. Download and install TwistedBrush Paint Studio. (NOTE: You MUST download the installer from us. If you download from the developer, it will NOT accept the license key.) After installation, run TwistedBrush Paint Studio and register it.”

The install is very slow …This program has LOTS of brushes…

Edit: Forgot to say. You have 9 days to get this program. Enjoy!:smiley:


So does this just allow you to paint trees?


No. The Tree Studio Offer has expired. The Paint Studio has all kinds of brushes…


A day and approximately 17 hrs and it will be over.


got the twisted brush paint studio, thanks :3