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Pirates of Black Cove - free Steam Key




Nice catch. Awesome! ^^ Thanks @Seldom.


ehhh its not letting meh register :frowning:


Oh, I see, but apparently I have to link a Facebook to get the actual key? :neutral_face:


Again - liking the sponsor on Facebook doesn’t work for me. >.<

Edit: I had a key from a while ago. Turns out it still works. O_O If I can get around the liking sponsor thing to get another key, happy to share. Oddness.


Yea, it seems you need to sign in, then like the sponsor - I did, but no dice.

DLH had Guacamelee up a while ago and same thing happen. I left a message in the Facebook page letting him/her know. They fixed it eventually. That time, not one key was claimed, so it was definitely a glitch. I noted 20 keys claimed last I looked, so maybe it’s not an issue for everyone.


Try another browser. That happens to me a lot in those “contests” at GGOTD. Fakebook won’t work.


Nope nope. Have Opera and Chrome - neither working, just like the other time. O_O

Only 5 keys claimed from current batch on the site now.


Worked no problem for me on chrome. @Danacscott After the window pops up are you pressing the x in the top right to close it? I tried just liking the page and switching back without closing, it didn’t work. Then I tried Alt + F4 and it didn’t work. Then I tried pressing the X and it worked right away.


Yup. That’s what I did. No dice in Chrome.


Darn that sucks.


It tells you to like the page but there is only a follow button


Used to work a lot easier when you just clicking the different colours or sizes of squares in the mini box to claim your key. O_o


I had to do that after liking the page. I liked the page and it didn’t work but when I unliked the page the key became available. Not sure if it was just the timing or if un liking the page was what did it.


Speaking of Free Steam Keys for this product. Does these “Gold Editions” of the games in this franchise, namely “Pirates of Black Cove”, “East India Company” and “Commander COTA (Conquest of the Americas)” work with the associated DLCs for the games? For example will East India Company Gold Edition work with the DLCs released for the regular release? I’m just asking seeing as these Gold Editions have been delisted on Steam for a long while now.

Reason for Edit: Addendum

So okay I did a quick Google research and it seems getting these Gold editions is the way to go as these do have all DLCs included with each :blush:


I haven’t logged on to Facebook in so long they want a picture of my passport for me to log in. Hahahahahahaha nope. Facebook is almost constantly in the news for data breaches and they expect people to send in pictures of passports? Got to be a joke.


O_O That is simply the limit of oddity. O_O


Yeah, I had to google it for news stories and try facebook directly to make sure DLH hadn’t sent me to a scam site. And indeed, if you haven’t used your account in awhile (or for a host of other “suspicious” activities), they require a color scan of a photo ID to log back on. How about nope.

Doesn’t matter how ‘encrypted’ and ‘safe’ they claim the image is, as far as I’m concerned they have no credibility. Let me just google “facebook data breach.” Oh look, the latest one was literally two days ago:

Really inspiring the confidence there.


Which is why I NEVER entered my IRL name when I registered for an account on Facebook. I also use my user photo on here, same as on most other sites and forums I join. Haven’t you millenials heard of the first rule of the internet hefore, of NOT giving out personal information on the internet? Or is the first generation of internet culture, a la late 90’s to 2009 already dead. I can still remember the early days of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) when the rule was strictly enforced and you were laughed at for using your IRL name for your username and password, same with the first few forums that ran on SMF (Simple Machine Forums) software.

RFE: Addendum

Currently THE ONLY form of personal information of mine that is out there in the wilds is my Real name which was only ever posted on the internet once back in 2001 on a government licensure exam I took back then
But even with that information in hand, one can’t do anything with it except maybe delete my existence and turn me into an M.I.B. Agent :sunglasses: because I never go by that name on the interwebz ever. As far as I am concerned I am NOT even that person anyway :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: