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Phantom Doctrine - 4/7/19 - $19.50


Today’s deal is Phantom Doctrine!





A man in a fishing hat, dark glasses and a mustaches calmly sits down on a bench. All is still. No one is on the streets but off in the distance somewhere, he can hear someone hammering. Is it legit a construction site, or is that sound the perfect cover for a single silenced sniper shot? He has this thought a lot when he’s alone. But then she walks out of an alley 50 paces away and comes over to sit right next to him. The sharp angles on her jacket, and her horn-rimmed specs give her a sinister air, but you’ll never know unless you talk to her. What was the codeword again?

“Sure is a busy night, wouldn’t you agree?”

She answers right away. “Busy as ever. But what about the mice and the birds?”

It’s her. We’ve made contact. “Do you think they had us followed?”

But then, confusion. “The mice and the birds? Sorry, why would they follow us?” Your mind is racing. Is it possible she’s just a bystander who randomly said the coded reply?


“Nah, I’m just screwing with you. Of course I wasn’t followed. Haha. You should have seen your face!”

“Pssh. I knew it was you the whole time,” he lied, “I just wanted to see what you’d do…”

“Oh man yeah, wow, you really had me going there…” He couldn’t see her eyes through her glasses but he could tell they were rolling.

“So do you have the data for me or not?”

“I dunno. Are you going to admit I tricked you?” Proud friggin’ spies. This is why people happily take desk jobs.

“Okay FINE, yes, you tricked me. Now can I please have the data?” She laughs and hands it right over from a pocket inside her lapel. “It should all be right here.”

He unrolls the paper. All it says is “Phantom Doctrine is half off at today.” Must be some weird codeword he wasn’t privy to. He carefully put away the paper and moved to ask her more before he realized she was gone. He was alone on the street again with the stillness and the hammering.

“I really hate spies.” He said, smiling.

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Get this game guys as its fantastic! Just don’t get into it expecting it as just another Firaxis XCOM clone otherwise you’ll fail with your expectations and like many of the die hard XCOM fanbois who got piased off at the game, you mighy end up hating it, refunding and then review bombing it because of how NOT XCOM-y it is :frowning: It does help IF you’ve also played the game’s developer’s first forray into turn based strategy games, Hard West to get an idea on how some of the game’s quirky mechanics work as that game is basically what Phantom Donctrine was built on AND NOT Firaxis’s XCOM games.


do the AI still shoot you through buildings from halfway across the map?


Has been fixed for a while now. Also just because “visually” it looks like the AI is shooting at you through solid walls, it isn’t. You need to read up on how aiming and the “step out to shoot” mechanic works in this game as that explains the odd ways the AI seem to be shooting at your Agents.

Also by mid to late game you can bypass the AI’s aiming bonuses with ability perks, like the Dancer perk that increases your Agents’ability to dodge shots. As well as with Bioengineering, essentially drugging your Agents so the can gain better stats. With 200+ stats in dodging as well as awareness regeneration your Agents themselves become cheaty. Going through the final “End Game” mission becomes less challenging because you can drug your six agents going to the mission with 4APs and 3FPs with ridiculous dodging ability and crazy high Awareness that most shots fired at them miss or deal little to no damage. Of course you have to get through the annoying bits, namely being so weak at the start with the AI seemingly having Godly strength, first to get there.


they certainly were plainly shooting through walls, roofs, and ac units and other objects when the game first came out; that’s all i know, and i remember very clearly how someone who was in cover on a roof would get shot through the building by someone next to it, for example

if they fixed that sort of stuff, in addition to other stuff like enemies suddenly spawning into a room once u enter into it, then good for them


Trust me all that annoying stuff becomes trivial once you get into drugging your Agents to ramp up their stats, so much so that the endless reinforcements mechanic becomes your main method to farm experience points for your Agents.

Sure the beginning sucks ass eith the AI somingly cheating but once you reach chapter 3 things start getting easily in your favor. But as I said, you need to sit through the crappy parts first instead of whining that the game is broken.

Another misconception people have about the AI is that every enemy is Godly, when the truth of the matter is only Enemy Agents are like that. The common grunts like guards and hired security only become stronger when you linger far to long and allow them to gain enough awareness. However, if you pick guards off BEFORE you go after the enemy Agent on a mission those grunts will not pose any trouble for you.

Also XCOM players need to realize this game is a stealth based game AND not heavily focused on combat. Combat in this game leans towards the AI’s favor (as I also said, in the vety beginning) because combat SHOULD only be the last resort. As well as you need to get the hell out ASAP as soon as combat starts.

Here’s another tidbit regarding near End game. Missions become boring near the end because you get to unlock four slots for disguised Agents. Basically you can walk on by missions undetected by that time making late game missions boring, provided you scouted the mission site beforehand. Also tactical recon becomes too important in late game because your Agents can learn a vital skill that lets them auto disable every CCTV as well as laser security lasers on a missuon site in one go on a SINGLE console they hack into, but as I said you need to have done tactical recon first before the skill becomes available. Although the skill becomes useless on the story missions as you can’t scout ahead on any of those.